How To Write A Merch By Amazon Listing?

This a big question I get all the time when it comes to Merch By Amazon; How do you do your Merch By Amazon listings? So I made this blog for everyone.

I will show you how to write a Merch By Amazon listing I assure you that this is what works for me. We’re going to go over the brand, the titles, the first bullet point, and the second bullet point.

Product Details for Merch by Amazon

When you are done uploading and customizing your design, the first thing you’re going to go over is the Brand. You want to make the brand name more professional-looking, and it gives the customer feel comfortable about purchasing the product, doesn’t matter what it is. So what I recommend is making it professional. Make sure to brand your product in each niche that you have. Here on our example, we are going to put Dinosaur PR Co. on Brand name.

The proper way of doing Branding the product

The title is important too as well, for this example we’ll go with Dinosaur T-Rex Taco Shirt. It’s general keywords so what I would do is put T before shirt. For this example, we did it with t-rex. This placement will already go together with T shirt since the algorithm of Amazon already picks that up. Let me explain that one more time, instead of putting T space shirt that T before Rex is going to pick up over with shirt, the reason being, that’s the way Amazon’s algorithm works.

Another thing to remember, always put a “gift” in the title. I usually put the more general keywords towards the front of the actual title. You might wonder why the different types of T’s on a T-shirt(Tees, Tee Shirt, Tshirt) I recommend you can throw those in any of the bullet points and work those into the listing as you go along. This is essential too as well because it’s going to bring different people to Amazon itself. They come onto Amazon trying to buy a shirt, and they use different variations of t-shirt, so that’s a big thing to me and Matt talked about it all the time on Real Talk. We go over this, and we’ve been talking about it for the last couple of weeks. I think it’s pretty big and it generates more traffic to your listing from what I see.

The proper way of doing the Title of Product

One big thing, if you can fit in the title after you got everything all set and done. You want to see who’s buying this shirt. You want to know if it’s for a kid, a mom’s buying it for their kid, women purchasing this shirt, a man buying these shirts, or people buying shirts for like boys or they buying it for the kids or buying it for girls.

AMZ Expander Search Results Suggestions

This is where AMZ Expander comes in, when you type in a shirt, it will show you an actual shirt. It shows men and kids, women’s and men so this Chrome Extension is a pretty big help in knowing up your audience.

Looking at the “reviews” trick.

Another little trick that you can do is look at the reviews. You click at the top-selling product on that keyword look at the reviews. See who’s buying it. They’re giving you an idea whose they’re buying the shirt for. So when you come down at the review section, it’s giving you an idea who purchases it. Is it gifts or whether they are wearing it. I mean like for a birthday party, Christmas party present and this all makes sense, and you need to have these in your listing. Doing this is going to help you generate more traffic for your Merch listing. You want to figure out who’s buying their shirt, what audience, what demographic, is the shirt for boys or girls, is the shirt for men? That’s what you want to figure out because that’s pretty important. If you’re looking for stuff on that Amazon, then I highly suggest using AMZ Expander. You’re going to find different niches, pay attention to that. If you’re looking up for other niches to target, say for the keyword “The struggle is real”, it’s going to give you useful information. So make use of this chrome extension, and it will undoubtedly help you out.

Contents of the first bullet point.

Now the first bullet point, the first thing to keep in mind is to describe the design. How can you do it? You can either search google based on your title keywords. So you single out the keywords that you use in the title and search them one by one on google and get a clear description of those and use it as your bullet points. Keep it one to two sentences and keep it short and simple. It gives customer idea what the design is and what they’re buying. So this is how you’re going to construct your first bullet points.

Contents of the second bullet point

Second bullet point, I like to use these ” The Graphic Tee or Top is also great for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving gifts, New Year Gifts, Halloween costumes.” You can compile this information out from the reviews that you inspected. This sentence is a perfect example because that second bullet point is geared towards gifts and stuff like holidays.

In the product description, it’s all up to you. I usually leave it blank, but I know some people that copy the first bullet point and the second bullet point and paste it in there.

This outline of ideas that I just presented you here is precisely the way I do it. I break down everything just for you. Also, these are the Chrome Extensions that I use in this blog.

AMZ Expander:
Merch By Amazon Listing Notes:

You can check this extension, go ahead and download those. It’s up there all free. If you guys have any questions, please comment down below. Thank you.


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