Merch By Amazon Royalty Update!

Email Update on Royalties

These are my thoughts on the price update for the royalties. I know this is a perfect thing. I know, some people going to see a bad thing, but this is an excellent thing. They increase the royalties on pretty much all the other products except for pop sockets and shirts. Pop sockets stay the same, and shirts decreased about 15 cents, and I believe it was. But everything else increased, and that’s very big. I think they honestly should have done that at the very beginning but of course they had to do some testing. From what I see, they’re promoting you to upload to other products in a good way and not only that; they made the smart move. When they release all these products, they kind of put royalties down really low. I think they wanted to do that on purpose just to tests the range and give them that comfort zone. When they come out with a new product they’re doing all the customer service, all the returns, doing all the printing, doing all that stuff. So in the beginning, they what to minimized our royalties for the hoodies, sweatshirts, and long sleeves.

Now they found that sweet spot where it’s comfortable for them. They increased our royalties, and that’s pretty cool, and that’s pretty awesome. This update is an excellent way to start the new year, and I see it, as a big advantage for us. Increasing our royalties and that means increasing our profits.

Guidelines on T-Shirt New Royalties

It was December 27, 2018, when they put a new message that beginning January 30, 2019, they will be decreasing the royalties on the t-shirts and increasing the royalties on a few other products.

Merch by Amazon Decreasing rate on T-shirts (2)
Merch by Amazon Decreasing rate on T-shirts

Merch by Amazon is decreasing the royalties on t-shirts by 15 cents; current royalty price is $5.38, and they reduce it to $5.23. That’s not too big of a hit you know. I was expecting a little bit more myself. Expecting like a dollar or so, you know but a 15 cents, I’ll take that all day. It’s not a bad thing, that’s not going to affect us too much. The thing that we benefit the most from this update is, they’re increasing royalties on the other products; the long sleeves, the pullover hoodies, the sweatshirts, the pop socket stay the same -that’s okay. The long sleeves so $24.99 get $3.75 royalties right now and then on the 30th $24.99 to get a $5 royalty. That is a significant increase right there for sure. It’s almost more than a dollar for sure.

Merch by Amazon increasing rate on Pullover hoodie

Then the pullover hoodie, right now $33.99 purchase price and you get $1, and at the 30th of January, you will get $6.41 royalties for the same purchase amount. Look how big that increase is. That’s the biggest increase right now five dollars and 45 cents on pullover hoodie.

The sweatshirts are good too as well. I do like uploading the sweatshirts. I’ve been doing this recently just to mess around with it because I’ve seen that customers have a demand for it. The pullover hoodie, you got to adjust the PNG file to a certain size.

I hope you guys get some insight to upload the hoodies, and it’s given more than a $5 increase in the royalty. That’s big, so something to think about, right there for sure. This Merch By Amazon royalty update should help us all grow. If you guys have any questions at all, please go ahead and comment down below. Thank you guys.


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