What Color Shirts Should I Upload To | Merch By Amazon


These are my top-selling shirt colors for my Merch By Amazon account, and I thought I would share some data with you aka numbers. But before that, I will just let you know that my sales are starting to pick back up again. There were some days I was only making ten or eleven sales, and now that’s going back up to 20 to 25 sales a day. Everything’s picking back up, and things are starting to look good again. My same shirt from Valentine’s Day last year is making sales again this year. I began to start back up again the last five or seven day or so and everything looks well.

These are the top five shirts that are working for me.

My #1 shirt color is black. It just passed over 9,000 in sales total. Everyone loves the black shirt since it’s a comfortable shirt. It makes you look skinnier with this shirt color on. You can wear it around and it matches with a lot of things. I make all my designs look good on black. So make sure they look pretty and bold on a shirt. It helps you convert when the customer sees a large thumbnail on Amazon.

My #2 two color is going to be Navy then my 3rd color is royal blue and then forth color is pink and 5th color is purple.

For royal blue, a lot of kids buy that shirt. Parents buy those for their kids as a gift.

Special mention for dark heather color. It’s a popular color on Etsy. The heather colors for some reason, it’s just a really popular style. Women love it a lot, and I think men are starting to like this heather filth too as well.

I just wanted to make a quick blog with this right here to show you guys my top five colors. Let’s go over again black, navy, royal blue, pink, purple, and dark heather. Those are six right there, but those are my top five colors right there. It’s all about testing – when it comes down to this. I want to show you that my top five colors on this video.

I want to hear from you guys about your top five colors too as well. Put that down below in the comments if you guys have any questions – as well. Feel free to comment down below. Thank you guys.


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