Merch By Amazon Rejected Designs | Over 40 rejections

Tier 14k in Merch by Amazon
Tier 14k with 42 Rejections

In this blog, we’re going to discuss the rejections that I have had over the past two years. I had a few people in the YouTube comments requested to talk about this rejections. I will show you a few designs that I have done with the rejections. I have one design that’s been rejected because it’s Donald Trump design. I hate messing with presidential stuff or anything with politics. But I do have one design that’s been doing well with a Donald Trump.

First thing first, everyone’s been asking the last couple of days about my tier 14k and then the rejections that I have. Well, I have over 42 rejections all time on my account. But I want you guys to pay attention to this; I have 42 rejections all time, but then I have 23,000 all time products sold. Yesterday I uploaded a few designs, and I got six rejections. It was on the youth, I was uploading some designs, and I accidentally put tequila in the bullet points, and they caught that. Amazon’s big so if anything alcohol-related towards any youth shirts or kid shirts they will reject your design. I had one take down a long time ago because when they switch the rules around with Merch by Amazon. They’re always changing the rules around a lot just trying to make the platform better.

I had a cuss word on the shirt at one point in time. At the very beginning, it was okay to have cuss words in the shirt and then they put in a new rule that you couldn’t have that. I forgot to take one down, and I got a hit for that. It wasn’t anything too big. Know this; Amazon is not out there to take us down; they want you to be successful in this platform. You’ve got to understand the rules, and you got to make sure you’re doing everything correctly. If you’re on the platform and you’re trying to do any Super Bowl designs, they’re going to come out, and they’re going to get you down. You must pay attention, understand what you can and can’t do. That’s one of the most important things if you’re designing for something. If you’re on the lower tiers and you have 42 rejections that are going to look bad. They’re not out there to take us down but if you don’t understand the rules and you’re just trying to upload and just trying to hurry up and make a quick profit; most of the time people lose their accounts by practicing this.

Some people come in here, and they try to abuse. There’s a group, the trademark watchdogs, and they are big on doing trademark stains. This group is doing trademark stains, and it’s not fair. You shouldn’t be doing trademarks like train Marcus saying, it’s just unfair to people. There’s one design that contains that trademark stains that says ” This girl loves pigs.” We got to avoid this kind of stuff since it’s not okay to read.

List of Rejected Designs

Here’s the wine design that I did, that I accidentally uploaded it to kids and youth shirt. I got two rejections for Trump designs. Let’s make an example out of myself because I’m not out here trying to appease the system.

Trump BIGLY Design

With regards to the rejections on Trump T-Shirt, I use BIGLY 45 and Trump has its niche of keywords for this term, so I don’t know why they take it down. People are searching for this keyword based on this rat tool I am using. I don’t see the reason behind the takedown of this design, but I want to show you some of the rejections that I got on my account. They’re nothing too big, just a few little mistakes that I have made over time. I had this account probably for about three years all the time, and then I didn’t start going full time until two years into it or a year and a half or something around there. This account is in excellent standings if you look at the rejections compared to the sale sold all-time.

With this blog, I just wanted to give you an insight about my rejections and how you can avoid those. Just focus on the rules and once you know everything, go a full head of steam. But remember this, sometimes you run into little mistakes like this, analyze the issue and fix it, and everything should be ok and published.

If Amazon would track health standing with Merch By Amazon accounts mine would be pretty good. If you have any questions about my rejected designs, please let me know down below. Hope this helped.


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