How To Create Merch By Amazon T-Shirts With No Graphic Design Skills

These are the tools that can help you how to create Merch by Amazon T-Shirts with no graphic design skills:


One of the tools is going to be Canva. You can either use the fonts available for free or purchase the premium ones. They are good for commercial use. You want to make sure anything that you put on your shirt is good for commercial use or you own the rights to that the font or the illustration or whatever you’re using. Canva is a very user friendly tool. It is web-based so you will not have the risk of your computer crashing down.

Over App

Second tool is the Over App. It is really, really awesome. You can do a lot. You can upload fonts that you purchased. They have some free fonts on there that you can use too for commercial use. If you have custom illustrations, you can upload them. Then just put text over the actual design and you can upload it straight over to Merch by Amazon on a T-shirt.

Merch Informer

Next one is the Merch Informer. It’s like real cool how you can just upload your own fonts on their tool as well. You can’t do it on your phone but it’s web based.

Personally, I work with a team. One of the ways that you can do if you don’t understand how to design is to build a team. Once you have the team in place and everyone is working together, it’s a really, really amazing.


One tip, you want to make the design as big as possible and you want it to take up as much as the design space as possible so it looks good as thumbnails. It’s going to help with your click-through rate. Better click-through rate, more sales, more sales, the better ranking you’ll have on Amazon.

There you go. Those are the tools needed on how to create Merch by Amazon T-Shirts with no graphic design skills.