Merch By Amazon – Is It Worth It?

Merch by Amazon – is it worth it?

Let me start by saying that in Merch by Amazon you can make a good income right there. Personally, I have made 6 figures on Merch by Amazon because it is a very huge market with very huge opportunities as well.



One of the advantages of Merch by Amazon is that it already has existing traffic. It already has customers unlike other platforms that require you to start from scratch like creating your own website and of course when you are new, you do not have traffic yet. You still need to work hard to introduce yourself to the market.


credit: FeedbackExpress

Recently, Amazon has added more marketplace. What this means is that you can have more avenues to sell your products to. You can reach more people in short. It’s going to fast track your sales and income. This creates more opportunities for the sellers and customers too in terms of choices.

Capital / Investment

In Merch by Amazon, there is no monetary capital or investment required. You can just start designing by using tools around the internet like Photoshop. There are also many videos out there that teach you how to start designing by using software for designs. The real investment on your part is really just time and effort at the beginning.

Shipping / Customer Service

Unlike other platforms, Merch by Amazon takes care of the shipping and delivery to your customers. They also take care of returns and refunds. As an entrepreneur, this provides you with a lot of time to create more products and designs for your customers.

So, Merch by Amazon – Is it worth it? Definitely!