Cover 2-3 High Demand Niches with Just One Interior

You want it to be popular and profitable, but you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry! We’ve got an idea for you: cover 2-3 high-demand niches with just one interior in KDP Select. With this method, not only will your potential audience reach higher than if they were focused on just one niche, but the probability of success is also much higher because your books are each targeting different audiences that may overlap at times. Check out our blog post for more information about how this works and what niches we recommend!

We are creating this blog to give you guys some wonderful ideas about covering two or three high-demand interiors of logbooks by just using one interior. We have researched a very interesting thing that you can just decrease the cost of designing to the minimum and increase the graph of your profit to the maximum limit if you are using some smart ideas. So, we have produced some wonderful ideas that will surely open the doors for new ideas.

Before moving to those particular ideas, we tried to cover some very important and frequently asked questions.

What is a niche in KDP?

A niche in KDP is the topic or the main idea for a book, logbook, or notebook. The topic you want to cover in your material is your niche. In this blog, we have covered 5 niche ideas for the interior designs of logbooks that can even cover 2-3 more interiors. So, we have expanded the options for you. You can even go to the video given below to have even more insight into the niches in KDP, especially, logbooks.

How do I find a low-competition niche?

Well, the answer is so simple and straight. You have to do a lot of research, and then use your creativity to develop your ideas. In the blog, we have discussed 5 ideas and all of them are exceptionally profitable and low in competition.

Here are the Niches that can be used to cover 2-3 more interiors (each) as far as logbooks are concerned. we have explained a few just for example. You will surely get the idea.

Rock and fossil Hunting

Now, this is a very new niche. But there are several different sub-niches with the inside of this niche This is exactly what I’m talking about, how there are several different ways you can use one interior and kind of just scale it out into several different niches. So, for example, if you have a successful book and the interior and you can modify it a certain way.

The mineral collector is an example of what we are talking about. I say that right mineral collector. There you go. By doing a few edits. You can turn it into that as well. The next one is rock hunting. Just take out the fossil and just put rock hunting and then that’s how you can dominate. This is one example of what we are trying to convey. You can find a few more in the video given below.

RV Logbook

When I think of RV logbook, I think of all this plays a role in this niche and you got to figure out what you can do and what you can create to be different from the rest of your competition. Some of the sub-niches that I’ve seen in this niche RV journal may be just a simple diary journal.

When we look at the interior of a simple RV Journal, we just have to do minute changes, or sometimes a change in the name is required to use the interior of the RV journal for different interiors. You can use an RV journal for maintaining a record, for a retirement plan, or camping purposes. So, the idea is to save time, effort, and money. So, there’s more than you can put into the RV journal and it may be similar to the RV logbook, right, the next one is going to be retirement. I have seen a lot of RV and retirement going on, people are just as soon as they retire, taking the RV and just heading out and getting the heck out of here and traveling more than ever.

We know about RV traveling and camping, mixing those two and creating a book can be very, very powerful. They both go hand in hand. So, you want to think about what people are doing on camping, what people are doing with the RV and mixing those two, and boom now when people go take the RV and they go out and stuff like that, people do their family activities. You’re bringing their family along maybe like a rural call, something like that. You want to think about what you can do to think of like family games, family, what our family games, like a checklist or something like that for the family and adding those type of things in there. This is what we can do while covering 2-3 interior designs by just using one interior.

You will surely get to know about more stuff in the video given below. But the purpose of the blog was to give you an explanation about the usage of a single interior design for more than one interior by just amending the designs with minimum effort and time.