How To Get Your First Sales On Redbubble

I know you’re reading this because you want to know how I got my first sales on Redbubble and what you should do to start or accelerate your POD Business on Redbubble. Well, it’s not as easy as it seems. To get your first sale, you have to be patient and put in a lot of time and effort before someone finally decides to purchase from your store. Here are some tips that will help make the process easier for you.

 So, if you’re looking into getting into print on demand, there has been no better time than now with so many people sitting at home. An online business, retail is picking up this can be a golden opportunity for you.

The most important part after getting into the POD business on Redbubble is getting the first sale. Here we go with the tips and suggestions for you to get your first sale as soon as possible. It is not about the first sale but all this stuff is going to help you out throughout your business career on Redbubble.

Before heading towards the blog, here are some most frequently asked questions about the Redbubble. I hope the answers will help you in a better way.

How Do You Increase Sales on Redbubble?

When we talk about increasing the sales on Redbubble, it is all about getting more exposure with the help of simple tricks. So, you can increase exposure on Redbubble by changing the colors schemes for framed prints. You can also create new designs. The new designs should follow modern fashion and trends. The most important thing is enabling the product. You can also try different themes and you will know that which is the best theme for sale.

How Long Does It Take to See Sales on Redbubble?

It doesn’t take more than 48 hours for the updates to appear in your account on Redbubble. Once you have made the sales, you will be able to see the updates in the next 24 hours.

What Sales the Most on Redbubble?

Clothing and especially shirts are the most frequently selling niche on Redbubble. Phone cases are the 2nd best-selling product. In the same way, stickers are also doing great as far as sales are concerned on Redbubble.  You can also make a good profit by selling wall art, home, and living products, stationery, and other everyday useable accessories on Redbubble.

Here are some tips and pieces of advice that will be helpful for you to have a flying start in the Print-On-Demand Business.


While listing up your design, it is really to take the algorithms into account and figure out that how people are going to search your products. Sometimes there are broader keywords, let’s say for like Halloween English Bulldog. If a customer’s typing in a Halloween English Bulldog t-shirt, you can make an English Bulldog, Halloween-themed design that the customers want and that’s how the algorithm works, and then if you can do that, your product will start ranking up there.

 Sell Simple Text Based Designs on Shirts

You don’t need to be complicated and confused about what to sell. You are advised to go for simple text designs. They are the best-selling t-shirts as far as the POD is concerned. Sometimes, you will find very good designs and will go for them without checking the trademarks. This is an unforgivable mistake. This is the most dangerous mistake that may not only cause you a lot of loss but also suspend your account. Be very careful, be very careful about the trademarks. If you are creating an idea while doing market research and you have created a design that has trademark issues you are in trouble. I have seen people done this mistake and uploaded the designs and then after getting the knowledge about trademarks they mend their ways but getting suspended for the mistakes they have made at the start regarding trademarks. So, be very careful and check for the trademarks before creating a design. Instead, go for simple designs that you can use legally.

Go With the Trends

What people do is, just create designs. It is advised not to create a design before doing market research. Moreover, if you are 2 months away from the Christmas and new year and you haven’t created or planned some new designs for the upcoming events, you are making a mistake. A business is all about planning and making the right decisions at the right time. So, here you go, be ready for the new events and try to be the first one with new ideas and designs. So, you can either create a trend or go with an evergreen trend. The choice is yours, but there is no third choice.

Product Description

The description doesn’t have to be too crazy. But it must apply to your product, your niche. The title, what I like to do is to research the keywords for that niche and then give a description according to the competition.  Look at their tags and see what they’re (competitors) using and how they got a top seller and stuff like that. Do not spam any of the listings. Okay. Keep it between. I want to say like 8 to 15 tags. Don’t try to overdo it with the tags you have to make sure it makes sense with your product expanding on any platform is against the rules. As long as the keywords are related to your niche, it’s not considered keyword spamming. So, if it makes sense for your niche, you can do it.

Pricing of Products

It is very tricky to use the prices that give you more sales. It is better to have some good sales with less profit margin instead of not having the sales at all. So, this is all up to you, everyone is different. I believe you should test but I do make sales at 55%, pretty much on all products and the stickers, I raise them a little bit. You can start at 30% if you want 25, whatever you feel like it’s right for yourself, and just tests out. But then when you start to make sales, you can raise it a little bit.

Social Media

 You are advised to use social media platforms not only to advertise your business but also to get an idea about what is happening in the market. You can approach YouTube influencers in a particular business. You can use Tik-Tok, Facebook, and Instagram to advertise your products and business.

You have to make an effort to push the cart of your business in the start and then just apply the right approach and you will see yourself flying in high skies in the business. What I can say in the end is GOOD LUCK.