How to Use Tags on Redbubble

Tags are as important as the designs themselves are. You will be frustrated if you have done all the hard work in creating a very good design and still you are not getting sales. Well, how will you get the sales if your product is not popping up on the screen of a buyer? So, in this blog, you will know how you search the suitable tags for a product that are likely to be searched by the customers.

What do tags mean on Redbubble?

Tags are keywords that are added and these are research keywords that people will use to find the product you have uploaded on your Redbubble account. For example, you have uploaded the design of a shark, people may use ocean, shark, shark fight, fish shark, etc. If you have added any of the keywords, your design will pop up on the screen and hence there will be more chances of your product to be purchased.

Why tags are important?

If you have worked hard for creating your design and you want to get sales. You must know about the keywords people are using to get products similar to yours. If you fail to do this, there is a minute chance of getting sales. So, having good keywords, having good tags, and having a good design all go together. If you have good keywords, it will drive more traffic to your good design and you will get more sales.

How do I use my popular tag on Redbubble?

There are two ways of finding the tags on Redbubble and then using them for your products. Here, we will discuss the two easy but perfectly working techniques to find the related keywords in using them for your product.

  • Related Searches

The first thing is to search on the Redbubble site for the same design you are going to upload on your Redbubble account. For example, as stated in the video, if you are going to upload a design of a shark. You just have to search the shark word in the search bar of the Redbubble site. At the bottom of the searched page, you will find the Related Searches. These are the keywords that people are using to find the shark niche design. You don’t need to copy all of them but just use your perception and use the best-fit keywords as tags for your product. This is the best yet simple way to find some suitable keywords for the product you are going to upload to your account.

  • Competitors Research

One thing you should keep in mind is that you have to always have an eye on the best competitors in the market. It will help you out in raising your store to the next level. So, to find the keywords or tags, you can search your niche on Redbubble and see what keywords are used by those who got some sales on the design similar to you. This is again a very good and simple way to find some good tags.

These are the simple techniques you are going to use to find the important and best searched keywords for your design. You have to keep one thing in mind that you cannot use the same approach as you are using on related platforms like Merch by Amazon. It is because, Different platforms, Different Audiences.

If you have still any confusion, you can just click on the video given below. Your feedback will be appreciated and your queries will be answered.