How To Run Amazon Advertising Ads (Auto Sponsored Ads)

The purpose of advertising is to get the impressions on the ads and ultimately getting sales through them. If you run an ad and you are not getting impressions, there is no point in running ads. The first thing is that ads are very useful if they are set up in the right way. You will get sales and impressions. Hence, ads are really important to get sales. Yes, there is a risk factor of spending some money on ads but you are going to get benefits if you are using the ads in a professional and right way.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the correct ways to run advertising ads on Amazon. This blog is about “Auto Sponsored Ads”. In the next blog, we will be discussing manual ads.

How do I set up sponsored ads on Amazon?

There are some simple points that you need to know about setting up the ads on Amazon. The more important thing is to know the strategy of advertising. When you start setting up an ad, it will be really easy to fill the form and just launching the ad. There are clear instructions but the strategy and correct approach are what going to benefit you as far as the ads are concerned.

  • The first thing is to add the campaign name. For this purpose, just add the main keyword or the name of the niche and ASIN. For example, if you are going to advertise a t-shirt with a monkey design, you can add the name of the campaign as Monkey B077JX6GPJ. (Example ASIN=B077JX6GPJ). After adding the name, you will just follow the simple instructions, as shown in the video, to fill the columns to complete the form.
  • The most important thing is bidding strategy. It is what, that is going to decide if the ad will get an impression or not. So, there are some technical things that you should know before launching an ad. The bidding represents the maximum amount you want to pay per impression. It depends upon the product and its price. So, sometimes 25 cents are enough per impression but it may vary depending upon the product you are going to advertise.  If you’re not getting any impressions, that means you have to increase your bid a little bit right for you to get more impressions. The goal is to go into a niche and have your bid very, very low. But if you’re not getting any impressions, that means your bid is low. But then as you start to increase it, let’s say by five cents, let’s say we started at 25 cents and I’m not getting any impressions. So, we increase it to 30 cents and then we start to get impressions right. So, you have to get impressions before hoping to get sales.
  • There are three approaches to bidding. But according to my experience up and down is a very good approach. It does take some more money but it is very good as your bid rate will be increased or decreased depending upon the impressions and you will get sales. But there is a fixed bid as well. So, it all depends upon you what you are looking for.

Where do sponsored ads appear on Amazon?

The Amazon sponsored ads are generally displayed by amazon on its home page. They are also displayed in search results and product description pages. Moreover, Amazon sponsored ads are also displayed on third-party apps and videos outside of Amazon. It depends upon how much you have spent and how well you have managed the ads.

How does Amazon charge for a sponsored display ad?

You don’t have to worry about any scam or extra charges. Amazon only charges you when you get an impression. For example, when someone clicks on your ad, you will be charged as CPC (Charge Per Click).

The more you advertise more are the chances of getting sales. That is all from my side. I hope it was beneficial for you. The next blog will be about manual targeting. So, keep visiting us for more helpful stuff. if you want to get into more details and want a visual overview of the blog, you can watch the video.