How To Run Amazon Advertising Ads (Manual Exact Amazon Sponsored Ads Merch by Amazon Tutorial)

Amazon is the largest retailer in the world. They have more than 300 million customers worldwide and are growing at a rapid pace. With their recent acquisition of Whole Foods Market, they now offer products that cover all aspects of your life including groceries, clothing, furniture, toys & games, beauty items, and more! You can use Amazon Advertising to promote your product or service on Amazon’s website. This article will show you how to run an ad campaign with manual exact sponsored ads for merch by amazon so you can take advantage of this huge audience.

Click here to read about How to Run Amazon Advertising Ads (Manual Exact Sponsored Merch by Amazon). So, you want to know how to run Amazon Advertising Ads? Well, here’s your chance. I’m RJ Martinez and I’m an expert in this field.  In this blog post, I’ll be revealing all the secrets of advertising on Amazon by using a manual targeting method. You’ll learn why it’s important to advertise on Amazon, how much it costs, what strategies you can use to make the most out of your campaign, and much more.

This blog is about the manual exact Amazon Sponsored Ads. In this blog, you will know about the method to target the audience with the help of manually added keywords.

What is an Amazon manual campaign?

In this type of campaign, you can customize the keywords that are targeting your product. so, what you have to do is, find the appropriate and exact keywords that you think are targeting your niche the most.

How do sponsored ads work on Amazon?

In this blog, we are carrying a discussion about the exact manual sponsored ads. So, when you add the related keywords and a customer searches the resembled keyword, Amazon just shows the ad on this page. This happens in the exact manual case. However, when we talk about auto-sponsored ads the algorithms of Amazon make the ads appear on the related searchers. There are different ways to run both types of ads but the purpose is the same. In manual targeting, you manually target the audiences while in auto-targeting, Amazon targets the customers for you depending upon the search for a particular niche.

How do I manually create a campaign on Amazon?

The steps for exact manual methods are almost the same as in the case of auto-sponsored ads. For example, bidding strategy is the same, budget adding is the same, and addition of campaign name is almost the same.

  • If you are selling a t-shirt having an illustration of a monkey on it, you just have to add the campaign name as Monkey B077JX6GPJ Manual Exact (ASIN=B077JX6GPJ ).
  • The next step is the backbone of the manual method and this is adding the proper keywords by selecting the manual option. There are multiple ways of searching the keywords but the first one is market research. If you are a beginner and don’t have access to online paid keyword specialist sites like Helium-10, you will have to do proper market research. The first thing you do is to see what keywords are being used by the related products that are being ranked on the first page. Then use the common keywords and add them to the Keyword section. You also know the keywords by yourself. So, you are advised to add the keywords that are likely to be searched by the customers. But if you have access to some paid keyword-finding sites, you can take help from there. But don’t forget to use the competition method.

The bidding strategy is the same as in the case of Auto Sponsored ads, so, you can just visit that blog to have an overview of the bidding strategy. If you still have any confusion regarding the procedure, the video below will clear all your misconceptions, you just have to click on the video below.

Good Luck!