How To Use Helium 10 Cerebro Tutorial – Reverse ASIN Search Tool – (Merch by Amazon & KDP)

I am here to tell you about this new tool that I’ve been using to find sales rank, keywords, and product reviews. This is the Helium 10 Cerebro – Reverse ASIN Search Tool- (Merch by Amazon & KDP). It’s a service that is very easy to use and it has helped me tremendously in my research.  The best part of all? You can sign up for an account on their site now and start using it right away and do two searches for free. It cost just $37 per month after the free trial. I’m excited to share with you how this works because it’s made my life so much easier as a Merch by Amazon Seller who uses Merch by Amazon or Kindle Direct Publishing platforms.  There are plenty of other features on the site too but we are going to focus on Keyword research that is a key for listing and ranking the product.

What Is the Purpose of Helium 10 And Why We Use It?

If you go into a niche and then you use a long-tail keyword that you think has a search volume and it doesn’t have a search volume, you’re wasting your time. These tools are supposed to help you and speed up the process of researching. You can use free tools and stuff like that, but HELIUM 10 gives you all the information that you need.

What Is the Use of Cerebro in Helium 10?

It is a very good tool that narrows down your research and makes you able to do the listing of your product in a way that it may be searched on the amazon search engine and get ranked on the first page. It is all about the trends and this CEREBRO in Helium-10 helps you out to gives the idea about suitable keywords, competition, new ideas, and top trends regarding a particular niche. So, it gives the right path as far as the research of keywords, listing of the product, and ranking on the first page are concerned.

The video below will clear more about the topic of the blog.

How Do I Do a Reverse ASIN Search?

It is very easy to use, you just have to copy the ASIN of one of the most trending products like t-shirts, books, and log-books and paste it in the search bar of Cerebro. You will get the long-phrase keywords that are being searched the most on Amazon. In the same way, you will also get useful information about the competition and trends.

These are some useful information that you get from the research at Cerebro.

  • Keywords

It gives you the most searched keywords. This is very useful as after get the phrases or keywords, you just have to follow some rules regarding keyword scamming and you will be able to add such keywords in the listing of your product that will rank your product right on the first page of Amazon.  If you are unaware of this thing, your effort will go in vain as there will be no sales due to the low ranking of the product.

  • Search Volume

This is important as search volume will give you an idea about the number of searches for that particular niche on google. So, Cerebro is best as it will give you a correct algorithm for the ranking of the product and it has always authentic data.

  • Appropriate Dates

Now, this is a cool thing about Cerebro Helium 10. It also gives you the dates or periods where the product got more sales. In simple words, you can get a clear idea about the best month in which you can launch your design.

  • Competing Products

Merch by Amazon and KDP are all about competition. When a search is done at Cerebro, it gives you the number of competing products at the time. So, you can act according to the competition in the market.

  • Design Ideas

When you get to know about the most trending keywords, there is always a chance to get an idea about a new design. So, using the long-tail keywords and phrases, you can not only get the best keywords but also the design ideas that are likely to be ranked high.

  • Sub-Niches

If you find that there is a lot of competition in a particular niche, keywords or phrases are there to provide you an idea for a sub-niche that will surely have less competition to face but will be ranked high due to the usage of similar and most searched keywords. 

So, if you are into the Print-on-Demand business and you want to rock into the market and you aim to be the best or among the bests in the market, this tool is an obligation for you. It will save your time, effort, and will bring more sales and I am telling you this based on my vast experience in this field.