Top Print on Demand Niche Research Ideas (Amazon and Redbubble) #1

If you are interested in starting your print-on-demand business but don’t know what niche to focus on, this blog post is for you. We have done the research and found 5 of the top-selling niches in Amazon’s print-on-demand category as well as Redbubble’s category. It is the first blog as we have started a series of blogs in which we are going to discuss top print on demand ideas for your t-shirt business that is not only trending but are also evergreen. We have also created the videos for each blog that is there to give you a visual demonstration of what you will study in this blog. You can use these ideas to start your own business or simply find new products to sell on Merch by Amazon, Amazon Seller, or Redbubble.

How Would You Like to Find the Top 5 Niches for Print-On-Demand Business?

The answer is through niche research. Niche research will help your business by providing information about what people are searching for and buying. This blog post is all about finding out the top 5 niches in print on demand business with Amazon and Redbubble as your target markets.

Have You Been Struggling to Find Good Niches for Your Products?

 Well, look no further. In this blog post, we will go through 5 of the top-selling niches in the print-on-demand t-shirt industry and what makes them great! We’ll also talk about the target audience and how much money they make per year. This blog is a must-read if you’re looking to get started with print on demand or want to improve your current business.

Before discussing the niches, here are the answers to the most asked or searched questions about print-on-demand business.

 Is Print on Demand Still Profitable in 2021?

 Yes. Print-on-demand business is still going strong and it will continue to do so in the future as well. There are a few reasons for this, firstly print on demand market has been growing steadily since 2017 and there’s no sign of slowing down anytime soon either. Secondly, people have realized that they can buy from smaller companies at a higher quality than big brands also prices are much better if you take advantage of POD platforms like Redbubble or Amazon. The pandemic has proven to be a blessing in disguise for this business.

What Type of Products Sell Best in Print on Demand Business?

Almost anything! But here we’ll be discussing clothing specifically because it’s trending right now and based on our recent survey 23% of all tops sold through the POD platform were t-shirts.

 Where Can I Find Print on Demand Business Ideas?

 Here are few places where you can find the right POD business ideas. You can always search for more niche research websites or blogs if you want to get even better results. The list includes Amazon, Redbubble, Pinterest, and Etsy. All of them have different niches so make sure that when performing your niche research choose one platform at a time! This way it will be easier to analyze data and discover new opportunities in each market. Top Print on demand Niche Research Ideas (Amazon & Redbubble) With over 300 million products sold through online stores every year, there is no doubt about how big eCommerce has become since its beginning.

So, here are 5 top design ideas that will give you guys some very good and unique ideas for the creation of some top trending designs with very low competition in the market. You are advised not to copy the same designs ever. It will; bring serious trademark issues even suspension of your account.

  1. Camping Niche

Some niche ideas are evergreen and Camping is one of them. After the quarantine, people are coming towards normal lives. So, a lot of people are going for camping to remove the mental stress due to pandemics. So, just a design of camp, a tree, or adding some funny sayings that are related to camping will get good sales. The BSR of the designs in this niche is telling the sweet story regarding sales.

  • Drone Niche

A drone is a very simple design. You can add a camera with a drone or maybe the addition of some interesting saying may do the job. The idea is to use similar tags that are being used for the top-selling or trending products in the niche. So, you just have to do work to create an eye-catching design in the Drone niche and it will be selling like hotcakes.

  • Military Child

This is another evergreen Niche. Children often love their parents the most who are in Army and away from them and serving their country. So, the idea is to add the flag or military design to give the shirt a look of an army person. Be careful with the trademarks and always double-check them in the case of Niche similar to the one we described.

  • Ice Cream

Everybody loves ice cream. Ice Cream, cone, an ice cream truck, or flavored ice cream are the ideas to create a design. This niche will be selling in every season as ice-cream lovers are not seasonal. Just add some sayings or funny stuff to create an impact in the market.

  • Lemonade Niche

This is the niche with a lemon and a lemonade glass. It sells pretty well every summer. So, if you are in the business, keep in mind this particular niche and do create some designs every summer.

So, these are the first five ideas for t-shirt designs on Amazon and Redbubble. In the next blog, we will discuss five more ideas, so, keep visiting.

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