Top Print On Demand Niche Research ideas #2

Your business will never grow if you don’t do your research. One of the best ways to find the right niche is by researching what is trending in print on demand T-shirt design. We have put together a list of the five most popular niches for print-on-demand t-shirts, based on our data and insights from other industry experts.

In this blog, we will be looking at the most popular print-on-demand t-shirt designs in a few different niches. These are some of our favorite designs for fashion and apparel stores that want to sell their shirts online.

It is the second blog of the series TOP PRINT ON DEMAND NICHE RESEARCH IDEAS and we have created this blog to let you know about another top 5 niches in the t-shirt business. you will also get an idea a

What is Print on Demand T-shirt Business?

 Print on demand (POD) t-shirt business means that you don’t need to keep any inventory of your products and goods. Your customers might be anywhere in the world, so they don’t need to visit local stores to buy your designs/products. You can sell your products worldwide through online sales channels such as Amazon, Redbubble, etc. All you have to do is create a design using Canva and upload it onto an eCommerce store platform where customers will place orders for their desired designs, sizes & colors via the website or mobile app only after they find something unique about your product that matches with their requirements.

Here we are going to discuss the 5 most trending and evergreen ideas that will be helpful to create new and unique designs for your stores at Redbubble and Amazon.

  • Alien and Bigfoot

This idea is perfect for those who love cryptozoology and want to sell their unique designs in this niche. You can come up with a design that’s related to aliens or Bigfoot. The target market includes people from different age groups such as kids, teens, and adults. Also, these niches are worldwide trending so you don’t need to worry about the geographical location of your buyers.

  • Mixed Martial Art

This niche is especially great for beginners because it’s so easy to jump right into without any previous design experience required. Mix Martial Arts is a full-contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground. It was created as a blend of multiple martial arts which have been practiced originally in various forms by different cultures throughout history. The designs for this shirt are for every age group and these are evergreen. So, there is a lot of room for innovation with designs and also with funny and interesting sayings that will make your design rock in the market.

  • Alien and Pizza

This is another trending Niche. You just have to be extra careful while dealing with such designs as there can be serious trademark issues. people love pizza and have some great fascinations for aliens too. So, these designs may do well in the market even with some changes. They are already doing some geed sales on Merch by Amazon.

  • Mushroom Designs

This is one of the most popular designs for the Print on Demand t-shirt business. Even today it’s among the top print on demand niche ideas because it continues to be used by many artists around the world. The BSRs of most of the designs show that they are doing pretty well in the market. Moreover, these designs are easy to generate. They are so simple yet classy designs. You just need to do some innovations and show some creativity to launch your design.

  • Native American Niche (Founding Fathers of America)

Native American niche is one of the most popular and trending niches in the print-on-demand t-shirt business. There are many reasons why people like to wear such designs. These types of products make a great impression as they allow you to highlight your creativity by expressing your thoughts about historical events, culture, beliefs, etc. You can find hundreds of different Native American design ideas that will help you create beautiful and unique designs for this market (Printable T-Shirts) and sell them at Redbubble or Amazon. You can add different sayings, famous sayings in history, the American flag, or pictures of the founders. You are advised to take care of the trademark issue as it may result in the suspension of your account.

Consult to the video, it will make the ideas clearer.