Top Print on Demand Niche Research Ideas (Amazon and Redbubble) #4

This is the fourth blog of Top Print on Demand Niche Research ides for t-shirt niches and designs on Amazon and Redbubble. Merch Informer is the best site for the research of top trending and selling niches. The blog will also contain the detail of a god niche. Print on demand is all about research and the addition of new designs to get the sales in motion. Merch Informer will help you find the best-researched niches. No more searching through Amazon, Merch, and Redbubble for what’s trending in the t-shirt design niche. merch informer is the best tool to do Niche research.

 You guys often ask some questions about Merch by Amazon. I have tried to answer some of the most common questions in this blog.

 How do I succeed at Amazon Merch?

 The answer is simple and clear consistency and handwork are what you need. But besides them, you always need to do research and create and publish such designs that are trending in the market. Moreover, you need to be very patient and work hard.

What is the best way of Finding a Niche?

 The best way to find a good niche is by researching Merch Informer or Redbubble Trending Categories. You can also use the Google Trends tool it will help you in finding the niches that are trending across the world. And then add your designs that fit into those niches. The demand for merch has been increasing day after day with different POD sites opening up their shop where anyone can open his store for free or some fees depending upon how much customization.

So, coming back to the point, here are top niches that also are trending in the markets and are easy to alter and publish from your stores. So, here we go.

  • Doberman Dogs Niche

Doberman Dog is a breed of dogs that are known for their loyalty and vigilance. They have been used as police, army, and rescue dogs. Dobermans have become very popular among people because of their looks, nature, and skillsets. These Niches can be easily found on Merch Informer or Redbubble Trending Categories. It is already doing good in the market and there are a lot of designers who have added their designs to this niche. You guys can get the idea and use some other breeds of dogs in this niche.

  • Pineapple Niche

Pineapple is one of the most popular fruits across the world. People love to eat it and use its juice in their drinks as well. It has many benefits on health that’s why people are using more than before nowadays. Pineapples can be added into any design depending upon your creativity there are a lot of different ways you can add this fruit into your designs, like making a pineapple T-shirt with leaves behind or just adding some simple text over an ordinary t-shirt. That will also look good according to trends these days.

  • Jet-Ski niche

Jet-Ski is a small water transport vehicle that can be used in different ways either it’s for racing or just going nearby the beach. These kinds of designs are popular among people because they love to spend their time on beaches and also have some fun while driving jet-ski. They look stylish too so these niches will always do good even if you add some best quality funny sayings into them, everyone loves to read something special or unique with nice pictures.

  • Pi (3.14) Niche

Pi is a mathematical constant and it’s one of the most popular funny sayings that people love to read while having fun. It can be added into any design, you just need to add some Pi-related text with a nice picture inside your designs depending upon what niche you choose. These kinds of niches will always do good for sure and they are easy too so there won’t be much problem in researching them on Merch Informer or Redbubble Trending Categories by yourself as well which I think everyone should try at least once if he/ she wants to make money online from his/ her designing skills through POD sites like Amazon merch etc.

  • Geometry/Math Niche

These niches will always do good when it comes to POD sites like Merch Informer or Redbubble Trending Categories etc. There are many ways you can add these kinds of designs into your t-shirt niche but the best one is by adding some funny sayings about math along with nice graphics related to angles, algebra, or geometry which looks good according to current trends in the market.

You guys can also get help from the video given below.