Top Print on Demand Niche Research ideas #6 (Merch by Amazon Niche Research)

Print on demand is a great opportunity to become an entrepreneur and sell your designs. Merch by Amazon is one of the most popular print-on-demand platforms for t-shirts. If you are looking for niche ideas, here are top trending ones that can help you get started with your Merch by Amazon store. It is the sixth blog of the series.

You cannot make progress and get some good sales on Merch by Amazon unless you are uploading some unique, crunchy, top trending, and best-selling niches on your store. You either have to find those niches or you will have to go through blogs and videos. Here, this blog series is exclusively created to let you know about the best trending and most selling designs currently on Merch by Amazon.

How to find the top niche on Merch by Amazon?

You can use Merch Informer for the best and top trending niche research. There are many other ways to find top niche ideas. You can check trending niches using the Instagram hashtag, Google trends, Pinterest, etc., but this article is not about them. We have already covered in our previous blog post all the possible ways of researching Merch by Amazon Niche research. So, here we will present some best-selling and top trending niches that you might want to upload on your merch stores if you have designs for these categories or are looking forward to creating new ones specifically for those niches.

Here are the top 5 most trending niches of this blog. You just have to show some creativity to bring some innovations and pleasant changes to make the designs even more eye-catching. So, here are the niches.

1-Hispanic Heritage Month

This month is celebrated in the recognition of the anniversary of independence for Latin American countries. From September 15 to October 16, Hispanic heritage month is celebrated. People celebrate this for a whole month by wearing the related merch designs and getting them printed on their t-shirts. The best niches are announced after thorough research so that designers should have an idea about what people are looking for at any time of year or season. We use ‘Merch Informer’ software here because it gives us accurate results. It has been tested many times before publishing the blog post content to get 100% result accuracy regarding “Top Niche Ideas”. It is being bought extensively these days.

2-Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The pink ribbon has been recognized as the universal symbol of breast cancer on all merchandise and this month, people wear items having a lot of designs that support awareness against breast cancer by wearing such merchandise during the whole month. You can create many sub-niches and designs using this niche. Some beautiful and encouraging phrases will get sales and are already getting sales on Merch by Amazon. Here are some sub-niches;

  • Support Squad
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Say no to Cancer
  • Defeat Cancer

3-Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger 2022)

The Chinese New Year is celebrated to welcome the year of tiger which is 2022. The zodiac sign for this year belongs to Tiger and people celebrate it very eagerly from January 31st, 2019 to February 19th, 2020. This event brings a lot of joy in everybody’s lives by wearing beautiful merch designs that are related to Chinese culture like characters, phrases, etc. Many artists will be uploading their merch on the Amazon store using these trending niches so make sure you do not miss the opportunity.

4-Eff You See Kay Why Oh You —Yoga

 “Eff You See Kay Why” is a very trending phrase these days. The phrase is being used with yoga designs and phrases. You guys can use this phrase for some other sports as well. But yoga is trending in the market like never before. People are getting addicted to yoga and they love wearing yogic designs during practicing sessions or while traveling, etc. The best thing about this niche idea is that you can create many sub-niches using it because people will be interested in buying merch designed with different types of poses and quotes.

Click the video to have some better ideas about the above-discussed niches.