How to Do Keyword Research for Amazon (Merch by Amazon and KDP Low Content)

We all want to know how to do keyword research for print-on-demand businesses. So, let’s find out together! You can also learn more about how keywords play a pivot role for the Print on demand Business at Merch by Amazon and KDP. The best way is to start with defining your keywords niche.

What are Keywords?

 A keyword is an important word or phrase for your website. It tells search engines what the topic of a page is about, and helps people to find it in searches. Keywords are also known as “keyword phrases”. Certain ways can help us research one of the most relevant keywords which will be helpful for our product but before starting with doing any kind of keyword research there are some things we need to keep in mind like:

  1. We should know who our audience is
  2. Where they hang out online (social media, forums, etc.)
  3. What type of content/website pages do they tend to click more (textual vs image, infographics)
  4. What type of questions they are asking (answer these with your content to gain authority and trust among the audience).

Why do we need Keywords?

 Keywords are the most crucial part of your content as no one can find you on Google or any other search engine without using a keyword. It’s like asking someone to meet you at someplace and not saying where it is! So, keywords must be chosen with utmost care so that they don’t create problems for customers rather helps them in finding what exactly they need. Now we all know why we need keywords but how do we go about choosing those right ones? Certain tools help us choose the best possible keywords out there and here I will share some of my favorite ways-

AMZ Suggestion Expander

You can add this to your Chrome extension. This keyword research tool helps you to find the right keywords for your product. This is a very easy and fast way of doing keyword research without any hassle. Whenever you search for something in the Amazon search bar, this tool comes up with the best trending keywords. You can not only use such keywords for better ranking but you also can find a new niche altogether and that too with very low competition.

Productor for Merch by Amazon

This tool lets you find the top trending keywords in your niche for a single product. You can add or remove some words from these results to get more specific and less searchable keywords that are good enough for your products on Merch by Amazon. This is one of my favorite tools as it provides very detailed information about the keyword research process with data, value, competition, etc.


 You just have to add the ASIN of the product and boom you will get a lot of data about the product immediately. A very useful tool that helps find out what people are searching and buying, providing you with a lot of niche ideas for your products. The best part about this tool is that it helps you find the best keywords and with the products that have less competition and are most likely to be sold.

Google Trends

You all know that Google is the most popular search engine available online but what many people don’t know is that it has its keyword planner which used to be only available for Adwords advertisers before a few years back, now anyone can use this powerful keyword research tool- “Google Trends” just by doing simple registration there! You will get suggestions based on your location or language.

 Merch Informer

 It is paid but you feel the worth of every penny you spent while using it. Product research, movers and shakers, competition checker, keyword research, etc. are some of the best options that you will find in the tool. It provides you with data about your competitors, their PODs, and updates of all kinds which are helpful sellers. Algorithms are important and it works on the best algorithms as far as POD is concerned.

 This is one of the best tools for Merch by Amazon sellers. It has a huge database which helps you to find out profitable niches from any corner of the world with ease and simplicity. This tool also gives an option where users can upload their designs as well as give suggestions about other products on sale in the market. This Merch by Amazon keyword research tool helps you discover profitable niches from any corner of the world with ease and simplicity. You can also upload your designs or give suggestions about products in the market.

A great way to get started with your Merch by Amazon or KDP for print on demand business is by using some of these keyword tools. You’ll be able to find the best keywords, monitor competition, and even see how many people are buying a particular product! Check out our video below where we review 4 awesome keyword research tools that will make it easier than ever before to grow your eCommerce business.

Enjoy and don’t skip it and leave your queries in the comment section.