Do This If You Failed To Sell On Merch By Amazon

When you first started your Merch by Amazon account, it was a thrill to see your designs sell. But now, weeks and months have gone by and you haven’t sold any shirts at all! Have you been so busy with the design process that you forgot about marketing? Maybe you’re not following up with customers from past sales? Or perhaps there’s another reason for this lack of success. In this blog post, we’ll talk about what to do when your Merch by Amazon experience has been less than stellar.

Let’s figure out the mistakes you might have been making by asking some simple questions about yourself.

Are you uploading enough designs?

Merch by Amazon is a huge market and there has been a lot of competition all around. You cannot make an impact with very few uploads. So, try to upload as many designs as you can and give yourself enough time.

If you don’t follow the trending topics, your designs will not work out. For example, you might have designed a few shirts for the World Cup and that’s great! But what if nobody is looking to buy those? You should be following worldwide trending events because these are things people want to wear right now.

Are you creating unique content with low competition?

Sometimes, you see a niche doing well on Merch by  Amazon and you create a design in the niche. But you forget about the amount of competition in the particular niche. This fails in getting the sales. So, you need to do some research about the niche before you upload your design. Try to upload unique designs with low competition and it will work out for you.

Are you uploading at the right time?

You are following all of these tips, but still, your design is not selling! What could be wrong now? Well, maybe it’s because that no one sees your designs at the given time. You need to upload around 12-14 hours before or after a trending event. People are easily looking for products related to that event and you can sell more shirts at this time.

Do you use suitable tags or keywords?

Tags and keywords are key to success as far as sales are concerned. So, if you don’t use correct and trending keywords in your design, nobody will see it. And if no one sees it, you can’t expect any sales from them! So, make sure to use the right words in the right places when uploading a shirt on Merch by Amazon.

Are you following trademark terms and conditions?

Following and respecting the law is the fundamental decorum of any business. So, you should always keep in mind trademark terms and conditions. If you don’t follow these terms, your account will be banned by the Merch by the Amazon team. This is something no one wants to happen!

Do you price your shirts correctly?

You can’t expect sales if you haven’t fixed the price of T-Shirts according to the market. You need to do a lot of research on the pricing if you want more and better sales. There is no fixed rule for this, but keep in mind that people will buy your products when they find them perfect according to their budget.

Do you advertise?

Advertisement is a great way to attract customers. You can use Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms for advertising your products on the internet! This will give you better results than just uploading a design and waiting for people to buy it without any effort from your side.

You should follow all of these tips if you want to make sales with Merch by Amazon. Just making designs and uploading them is not enough! You need to follow all of these steps for better results on Merch by Amazon.

Now that you know what mistakes are ruining your success, try following the tips one-by-one until you start getting good numbers in terms of sales from Merch by Amazon.

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