Make $5000 On Merch by Amazon In 2022

Much Merch by Amazon sellers is having a hard time making the jump to Merch full-time. The lack of consistency in sales is tough on many people’s finances, and it can be difficult to make enough money on Merch by Amazon alone. There are a lot of hidden mistakes that people make on MBA, and this fails to sell their t-shirts on Merch by Amazon. So, small mistakes lead you to huge losses. In this blog, some very simple tips are shared that will make you earn $5000/month regularly.

Right Niche

The Merch by Amazon business is a competitive one. To find success, you need to be selling products in a niche that is currently trending. Spend some time doing your research and find a niche that has high demand and low competition. This will give you the best chance for success. You are advised to learn the market trends and you must have the proper information about what customers are searching for more on Amazon. You can use google and social media platforms to complete your research. It is not rocket science you just must conquer the customer’s interest. You can also get help from the YouTube influencers in the given business.

Creating a Good Design

Your designs need to be simple to be printed on a t-shirt. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be good! Spend some time creating high-quality designs that will appeal to your target market. Use simple text-based designs with funny but new sayings so that people will be interested in buying.

Make a System (Routine)

Making a routine or a system can be one of the most important things you do as an entrepreneur. When you have a set routine, it becomes easier to be more consistent with your work. This is especially important when it comes to uploading new designs on Merch by Amazon. Uploading new designs every day may not be possible for everyone but try to hit the target weekly.

Getting your designs ranked well on Merch is an art form, and it takes time to learn how the system works. Once you have that figured out though, there’s no reason not to upload new shirts every day if possible! There are plenty of people looking for t-shirts every day so you should try uploading at least one per day just like other successful sellers do. Don’t forget about seasonal trends too because they can also help boost sales around holidays or special events.

Optimize the Listings

Optimize the listings Your listings need to be as optimized as possible to get the attention of buyers. Make sure you use high-quality images and include relevant keywords in your titles and descriptions. This will help your products show up in search results.

You are advised to create a brand. It will create a recognition of your products in the market. Make it either with your name or your niche’s name but do it. Either uploading a design or creating a brand there are these magic words that you need to take care of

  • Title
  • Bullet points
  • Description

These three things are the key points behind the huge sales.


You are free to play freely. You can advertise your t-shirt on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and even on YouTube. Just post the picture of your design and share the link of your Merch by Amazon account. The more you advertise more are the more chances of success.

Here is a video for you as well, so, watch this video and get one step closer to $5000 a month. Know some more by subscribing to RJ Martinez on YouTube.