Make Money Online With Merch By Amazon-Easy Side Hustle Ideas for Beginners

Merch by Amazon is a print-on-demand service that allows you to create t-shirts, hoodies, and other wearable products. The platform works like your favorite t-shirt website – but with one difference. Instead of having to handle the payment processing, shipment, etc. yourself, Merch by Amazon will take care of all these tasks for you.

Get Your Merch Account Set Up

Approval by Amazon to run your account depends upon the quality of your online application. The first thing is don’t leave any empty bar in your application. You are supposed to give all your information and if you leave a bar empty, it will create a bad impression, and chances of acceptance will decline. You need a valid and running bank account, a correct routing number, and proof of your identity that may be SSN or your tax information. Moreover, you also need a design studio or app for the creation of designs. The finally, you have to impress them with the unique and wonderful niche you are going to work upon. You will be approved faster if you are already running a POD business on some other sites, or you have an FBA Amazon seller account.

Merch by Amazon Niche Research

Since the topics for Merch by Amazon designs are limited to only t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops, you need to research carefully before creating your first design. The best way is to look at top-selling items on Amazon in different categories. For example, if you want a niche like technology – look at what kind of t-shirt people normally wear when they attend conferences or meetups related to their work field. If it’s IT or programming, then all nerds will probably buy those shirts. So, start looking around which niches sell well on merchandising websites (or any others). The best way of doing Niche research is by using Merch Informer. Merch Informer is a great tool specially made for Merch by Amazon users. It has a built-in niche research section that will help you find the best-selling niches on MBA. You can also use their app to get data of new designs added at Merch By amazon platform – so you are always up to date with your competitors.

Merch by Amazon Keyword Research

Merch Informer has a keyword research tool that will help you find long-tail keywords for your designs. Long-Tail Keywords are important if you want to drive targeted traffic and get high rankings. You can use their software to generate thousands of different related keywords in just a couple of minutes! If the niche is already good – it’s not difficult to rank on page one of google with Merch by Amazon especially when using this kind of research technique. It helps so make sure to check out this awesome feature from Merch Informer before creating any design! Once again – another great reason why I recommend trying merch informer. They have some cool features which make life easier all around because they did a really good job at building the software.

How to Create a Design

You do not need to worry about creating the designs. You either can hire someone for creating simple text-based designs (It doesn’t cost much) or you can simply use several easy-to-use software like I have used Merch Informer in the video below. It is wonderful and easy to use. You can just change the color and there are a lot of font designs if you want to create a simple-text-based design. Just watch the complete video and you will be a completely different person in the world of Print-on-Demand business.

Uploading Designs, Pricing, Listing

After going through all the processes, it’s time now to upload your design. You will have to follow some simple steps while uploading the design. You just have to be very careful about the pricing. Make sure that your price is matching your competitors in the market who are selling similar designs or niches. Use the keywords or tags searched before. They will rank your design on the first pages of Amazon.

Important points

  • Don’t use a registered design or phrase.
  • Remain consistent with uploading designs.
  • Keep a balance between the quality and quantity of your designs.
  • Last but not the least, keep patience. You will start making money, but don’t be a daydreamer who becomes an overnight millionaire.
  • Make a team and get the things like designing, uploading, and research in a system.
  • Make long-term relations and try to achieve small goals and then raise the level of your goals.
  • Starting from $100 you will be earning $3000, but consistency, consistency, and consistency.

Check out the life changing video below. Keep watching and following RJ Martinez at YouTube.