Top 5 Print on Demand Niche Research Ideas 2022 #8 (Merch by Amazon)

Newbies to Merch by Amazon are often under the impression that they can make clothes for anyone. This is not true! If you want to succeed in your business, you should focus on one niche and research what their needs are, so you know how to design shirts specifically tailored towards them.

Niche Research for Print-On-Demand Businesses: Why It’s Important?

Many people who start their print-on-demand businesses don’t realize just how important niche research is! They think that they can make any kind of shirt at all with no regard to the target audience or trends, but this will only result in wasted time and money when nobody purchases their products. Starting a print-on-demand business requires doing extensive market research before committing anything to production.

What is niche research, and why do you need to do it before starting your business?

Niche research is the process of investigating a specific market to uncover opportunities for products or services. It’s important to do this kind of research because it allows you to focus on a specific target audience rather than trying to appeal to everyone at once. This will help you save time and money when creating products, as you’ll already have an idea of what designs people in that niche are likely to want. Niche research is important because it allows you to create a great product for your niche. If you do not know who your customer base is, then you cannot make the right products for them! With niche research, you can find out what this specific group of people wants and needs in their clothes, which means that when they purchase from you, they will be very satisfied with their purchases!

 You also need to keep track of trends within different niches so that you’re aware of how these groups are changing over time. Trends change all the time; if there has been no market research done on trend changes by print-on-demand businesses like yours, then chances are good that there may be competitors coming into the field who have already identified these changes and are catering to them! Niche research is also important because it can help you determine what your unique selling proposition (USP) should be. Your USP is what makes you different than all of the other print-on-demand businesses out there; if you can find a way to differentiate yourself, then people will be more likely to choose your products over those of your competitors.

Here are the five top ideas that are trending in the market now and will make a lot of sales in 2022.

1-Funny Beard Quotes

This niche is all about one of the top fashion trends in the world right now, beard. You just have to put some funny beard quotes, add some trending keywords, and share the niche on your store.

How to Design: The only skill required is to use funny quotes. You can just change the size of the beard, its style, and its color. Use the funny quotes or the motivational ones.

What is going on?  This is one of those scripts that will remain evergreen. It is because the beard trend and fashion are all around for many years and it doesn’t seem to be changing. People are creating a bulk of simple designs and getting sales. It is now your time. Just try to do something different and boom, the market is yours.

Competition: Well, there is a fair bit of competition, but people are getting huge sales. So, there is a bright chance of hitting the mark. Because the demand for this niche has never declined, it is increasing every day.

Target:  The best niche is one that can target huge customers. So, technically it is targeting the teens and the old men equally. You can create a shirt with the title BEARD COMING SOON and you can target the young and old accordingly. So, just show some creativity.

2-Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022

This is one of the most trending niches as 2022 has arrived and people love to welcome the new year.

How to Design: With the new year coming, it’s time to say goodbye to 2021. People will love some funny stuff. The good news is that it is a simple text-based design, so, with a very small effort, you can get some very good sales. This niche demands some creativity in terms of funny quotes.

What is going on?  People have already started creating stuff, but this is a very broad niche. You can just jump into it and with some hard work and dedication, success is guaranteed.

Competition: Right now, the competition is low, but it will expand as we approach 2022. But this niche will surely get success and some designs in the market are already making huge sales.

Target: Every age group can be targeted. It is now up to you. It depends upon the quote you are using. So, grab the opportunity.

3-Promoted to (grandpa, daddy, mother, and sister)

This is an evergreen niche, and it does make a lot of sales. So, you can just decorate your stores without any hesitation. But always beware of trademarks and don’t cross the legal limits.

How to Design:  This design may need some innovation. This can be designed either by doing some graphic stuff or using texts or adding both.

What is going on?  The designs of this niche are all already among the top-selling tiers. Especially the grandpa one. Now just imagine, we can create a bulk of sub-niches, like mother, father, sister, uncle, aunt, etc., and get huge sales.

Competition: As we talked about earlier, we are heading towards 2022. There are some sub-niches like the Grandpa one, where there is already tough competition but still people are getting huge sales. You can just opt for any other sub-niche with low competition.

Target:  The best thing about this niche is that it targets all age groups.

4-Video Game Lovers

For the last couple of years, the world has tilted towards video games and most people love them. So, this is now evergreen and hot selling niche.

How to Design: The first thing about designing this niche is that BE CAREFUL about trademarks. Don’t use any logo or design where you may face a trademark issue. Just use your designs and funny sayings. This niche is doing well in the market.

What is going on?  With the emergence of the video gaming trends during the lockdown. People are now buying some funky stuff about video gaming, and we are here to provide them. Just give your best and use some funny quotes.

Competition: The competition is high so is the demand. So, there are good chances of getting sales. Use good keywords and tags and try to rank your design on the first page and you will surely get sales.

Target:  Here the targeted customers are mostly teens. So, you can just use the phrases and quotes accordingly.

5-Funny Bowling

The niche is all about funny quotes about bowling games. You may find it simple but it makes a lot of sales.

How to Design:   There are a lot of examples for designing this one. It may a bit of hard work to create some eye-catching designs, but this niche will be doing some good sales.

What is going on?  The average BSR is suggesting that this niche is among the trending ones these days.

Competition: The best thing about this Niche is that it has very low competition, but it is getting sales. So, an opportunity is there to get a lot of sales.

Target: The targeted customers are again from all age groups, and this is a wonderful thing to know. People going for some bowling fun will love to wear the stuff.

It can be hard knowing where to start when it comes to starting a new business. There are so many different things that you need to consider like what type of products, what market, who your customer is, etc. One of the best ways to get started with any kind of business venture is by researching niches before diving headfirst into anything else.

So, keep following this series as I will be sharing the top 5 brand new and trending niches every week.

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