Anime T-Shirt Selling on Merch by Amazon in the Right Way Part 2 | Print on Demand Success Strategies

In the first part of the video, we have shown you how you can create an Anime Design for a T-shirt and upload it. This blog and the video down in the link are more important as they are basically about the process, algorithm, and procedure through which you must pass through if you want to make a sale and get rankings for your design on Merch by Amazon. You will learn the most important and the best secret to get the sales on Merch by Amazon. The video down below shows how things work practically, and it may prove the best video as far as your career as a print on Demand businessman is concerned.

If You haven’t watched the first part of the video. Here is a bit of a recap of the first Video. Visit our YouTube channel RJ Martinez to watch the first part.

First, you need to find a design that is already selling on Merch by Amazon. You can do this by using the search bar or the browse drop-down menu on the Merch by Amazon website. After finding a design, open it up and look at the product details page. Once you have found a design that is selling well on Merch Amazon, you can use it as a template for your design. When creating your design, make sure that it is different from the original. You can do this by changing the colors, adding text, or making other changes to the design. After you have created your design, upload it to Merch by Amazon and wait for it to be approved. Once your design has been approved, you will want to start promoting it.

How to Run Ads on Merch by Amazon?

Here is the brief instruction about running the ads on MBA.

How do I set up sponsored ads on Amazon?

There are some simple points that you need to know about setting up the ads on Amazon. The more important thing is to know the strategy of advertising. When you start setting up an ad, it will be really easy to fill out the form and just launch the ad. There are clear instructions, but the strategy and correct approach are what going to benefit you as far as the ads are concerned.

  • The first thing is to add the campaign name. For this purpose, just add the main keyword or the name of the niche and ASIN. For example, if you are going to advertise a t-shirt with a monkey design, you can add the name of the campaign as Anime 3455434. (Let ASIN=3455434). After adding the name, you will just follow the simple instructions, as shown in the video, to fill the columns to complete the form.

How do I manually create a campaign on Amazon?

The steps for exact manual methods are almost the same as in the case of auto-sponsored ads. For example, bidding strategy is the same, budget adding is the same, and addition of campaign name is almost the same.

  • If you are selling a t-shirt having an illustration of a monkey on it, you just have to add the campaign name as Monkey 345T8X Manual Exact (345T8X=ASIN).
  • The next step is the backbone of the manual method and this is adding the proper keywords by selecting the manual option. There are multiple ways of searching the keywords but the first one is market research. If you are a beginner and don’t have access to online paid keyword specialist sites like Helium-10, you will have to do proper market research. The first thing you do is to see what keywords are being used by the related products that are being ranked on the first page. Then use the common keywords and add them to the Keyword section. You also know the keywords by yourself. So, you are advised to add the keywords that are likely to be searched by the customers. But if you have access to some paid keyword-finding sites, you can take help from there. But don’t forget to use the competition method.

How Do Things Work?

There are certain things that you have to keep in mind while you are trying to get the first sale of a new design on Merch by Amazon.

  • You must be patient and you must try your level best from researching the design, creating it, adding the keywords, and running the ads. And you can’t do all these things correctly if you are not patient. You will ultimately finish on the wrong side if you don’t learn from the mistakes or don’t follow the algorithms.
  • Keep following all the stuff like the clicks, ads, and ranking of keywords.
  • If something is working correctly for example a keyword or an ad, increase their intensity but don’t spend too much to stay within limits.
  • Do all the research and follow the process of keywords and running the campaign but never try to cross the limits or expect overnight sales.
  • Invest smartly and work efficiently.

The practical demonstration of all the advice above can be seen in the video and you will also learn about the change in strategies if things are going in the right direction. So, just open the link and learn the most important thing in merch by Amazon.

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