How to Sell Shirts on Amazon for Beginners – T-Shirt Business That Will Make You $10k A Month

Shirt-selling on Amazon is a great business idea for amazon sellers to make some extra money.

You can easily list your shirt inventory on the Merch by Amazon marketplace and set your prices. You’ll also need to design a catchy and compelling product listing that will persuade customers to buy your shirt This is the most important thing for amazon sellers.

Finally, you’ll need to market your shirt to ensure that it sells as many units as possible. Although the competition is a bit high you will be able to cope with experienced sellers as well after reading this blog and watching the video given below.

Why sell shirts on Amazon?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to sell shirts on Amazon. Here are some of the main reasons in bullet points:

1. Amazon is a popular online marketplace and has a large customer base and it is the platform of best selling products.

This means that you’ll have a lot of potential customers who could buy your shirts.

2. It’s easy to list your shirt inventory on Amazon. You can quickly and easily add your products to the marketplace, and you don’t need to have any experience or expertise in order to do this.

3. Amazon allows you to set your own prices for your products. This gives you flexibility and control over how much you want to charge for your shirts.

4. You can design your own shirt designs that will be searched by the customers when they type the niche in the search engine. So, you can start your merch journey today, just you need is a compelling design idea.

How to Create a Merch By Amazon account

In order to sell shirts on Amazon, you’ll need to create a Merch By Amazon account. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Go to the Merch By Amazon website and click on the “Request an invitation” button.

2. Enter your name, email address, and password.

3. Click on the “Create Account” button.

4. You’ll then be asked to provide some information about your business. Enter your business name and click on the “Next” button.

5. You’ll then be asked to provide some information about your company contact information. Enter your company’s contact information and click on the “Next” button.

6. You’ll then be asked to provide some information>write about Listing your products on Amazon

Scaling Niches For Your T Shirt Business

Before you can list your shirt inventory on Amazon, you’ll need to do some research into the best selling shirts or best selling designs and low competition in the market to hit the sweet spot. Before jumping into niche research you will have to keep some common but immensely important things in your mind.

As you cannot make an impact by merely searching for a highly selling article. so, here are some important pieces of advice.

Market Trends

So, you have to take care that how a customer is searching for a product and figuring out what they’re searching for, and then give them what they want. You will have to make it easier for the customer to get to your products.

You are advised to learn the market trends and you must have the proper information about what customers are searching for more on Amazon before you get your designs printed.

You can use Merch Informer (Movers and Shakers), google, and social media platforms to complete your research. It is not rocket science you just have to conquer the customer’s interest.

You can also get help from the YouTube influencers in the given business.

Simple Designs (Be-Careful Regarding Trademarks)

You don’t need to be complicated and confused about what to sell. You are advised to go for simple text designs. They are the best-selling t-shirts as far as the POD is concerned.

Sometimes, you will find very good designs and will go for them without checking the trademarks.

This is an unforgivable mistake. This is the most dangerous mistake that may not only cause you a lot of loss but also suspend your account.

Be very careful, be very careful about the trademarks. If you are going for unique ideas while doing market research and you have created a design that has trademark issues you are in trouble.

I have seen people done this mistake and upload the designs and then after getting the knowledge about trademarks they mend their ways of getting suspended for the mistakes they have made at the start regarding trademarks.

So, be very careful and check for the trademarks before creating a design. Instead, go for simple designs that you can use legally.

Check for Competition

You are advised to check the market competition, seller rank, and side hustle before uploading your design.

Before uploading make sure that you have checked the existing products on Amazon, what people are searching for more. Make sure that you are not entering into a highly competitive marketplace as it is very difficult to get ahead of this competition.

When I type in a long tail keyword in the search bar it will show me the results of products(529). This is how many products I’m competing with to get to the front page.

Search the Niche Before Time (Get Ready for Coming Events)

Before the time runs out, you are advised to get ready for what is coming. You should search your niche before that event or product goes viral.

The one who gets into the market earlier will have more chances of victory than the latecomers.

This is the most important part of amazon selling, any eCommerce platform, Shopify store and it will help you a lot in getting your item sold.

New Idea

If there is a new idea or your own designs in your mind, don’t go for it straight away.

You are advised to ask your community, friends, and you also can create a simple poll on social media platforms. If the response is overwhelming, you go for it otherwise postpone this idea till somebody else comes up with a new idea.

Final Thoughts about Niche Research

You must keep in mind that niche research is the backbone of your business on merch by amazon so put your all efforts to gather and search the best possible article that hasn’t any trademark issue and also is not in a highly competitive marketplace.

You will have to research for the keywords, conduct surveys, and do many more things to make sure that you are gaining your money’s worth.

You are advised to keep all these aspects in mind when you’re doing your niche research.

In a Nutshell (Niche Research)

As your business grows, you may find that you want to target new niches. This can be a great way to expand your business and reach new customers.

However, it can also be a difficult process. Here are some tips for scaling up your niche marketing:

1. Identify your target audience. This is the key to successful niche marketing. You need to identify who your target audience is and what their needs and wants are.

2. Research your target audience. This will help you to understand them better and learn what appeals to them.

3. Develop a strategy for reaching your target audience. You’ll need to create content and marketing materials that will appeal to them and convince them to buy from you.

4. Market to your target audience. This will help you to establish a relationship with potential customers and get them interested in buying from you.

5. Repeat the process for each new niche you want to tackle. You’ll need to find a new audience and develop a strategy for reaching them.

Best Platform for Niche Research?

Now you must be looking for the best platform for the Niche research for T-shirts for Amazon. It is Merch Informer. You can also use google results, Amazon searches, or social media but Merch Informer is the best of them all.

Merch Informer

Merch Informer is the best platform for finding the suitable and trending niche for your t-shirt business. Merch Informer is a powerful software that provides users with valuable information about different niches, including estimated monthly search volume, competition levels, and more.

With Merch Informer, you’ll be able to find the perfect niche for your business quickly and easily.

Merch informer has a very systematic algorithm for best selling niches. Here are some steps that may help you in searching for the best possible niche.

Movers and Shakers

This tool helps in finding trending articles on Merch by Amazon. In the movers and shakers, you will get an idea about which article is selling well in any niche.

So, it can be a very effective way for selecting a good niche. In the movers and shakers option you will find the hot-selling articles on Merch by Amazon.

It is an automatic result that shows the best-selling niches in the market at the time. In movers and shakers, you will find the average BSRs of the t-shirts and you will also get to know about the trends in the market.

The graphical representation of sales will show you that which article is trending these days.

So, here you will decide which niche is best for your store. It is advised to go for the evergreen niches as much as possible.

Product Research

In this option, you will only have to add the keyword of the niche that you have selected from movers and shakers.

Once you enter the niche keyword, you will get all the specifications of that article. This will allow you to review the best-selling product and find out what kind of keywords are ranking high.

You can also analyze how much is being sold in a certain period of time and many other things about which you have read above.

These are the two main steps but Merch Informer will also help you to find competition level, trending keywords, and every bit about the niche. It is very easy to use but mighty effective.

You Can’t Copy

You cannot copy the exact design as it is against the terms and conditions of Amazon. So, you have to be very creative about it. So, you will have to show some innovations in the designs to make it more eye-catching and uproot the trademark issues.

Obviously, you cannot do all this designing stuff by yourself and you will also don’t like to hire a professional as you are new in the business.

But you do not need to worry about the matter as there are a lot of tools to design and you can do this task by yourself.

Creating a catchy design For T Shirt/Product

When you’re selling shirts on Amazon, it’s important to have a catchy and compelling design. Here are some tips for creating a great design:

1. Start by brainstorming some ideas for your shirt design. Brainstorm a list of ideas and then select the best one. You also can take help from google images.

2. Create a sketch of your design. This will help you to visualize your design and make any necessary changes.

3. Create a digital version of your design. This will allow you to use it online and on various other platforms.

4. Use bright colors and interesting fonts in your design. This will help to make your shirt stand out from the competition.

5. Make sure that your design is unique and memorable if you want customers to get attracted.

How to Design?

There are many tools to design t-shirts, among them Canva and adobe photoshop are the best choices. Designing a t-shirt can be a fun and easy project, especially if you are using the right tools.

We will walk you through each step of the process, so you can create a professional and stylish t-shirt that will help promote your brand or business.

Why Canva is Recommended for Designing a T-Shirt?

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool that makes it easy to create professional designs. With Canva, you can easily create custom t-shirts that reflect your brand or business.

The best part is that you do not need any prior experience the steps for designing are simple, clear, and easy to execute.

Steps to Design Using Canva

First, you will need to create a new document in Canva. We recommend using the “T-shirt” template, which can be found under the “Clothing” category. This will give you a starting point for your design.

Next, you will need to add your text and graphics. For text, we suggest using a simple font like Arial or Helvetica. You may also want to add some basic shapes or icons to help embellish your design.

When you are finished designing your t-shirt, it is important to export it in the correct format. To do this, go to File > Download As and select either JPEG or PNG format.

Make sure that the resolution is set to “High” or “Maximum”, so the image will be of high quality when printed. And that’s it! You have now created a beautiful and professional t-shirt design using Canva.

Uploading the Design

Once you have used Canva to create a professional t-shirt design, the next step is to upload it to your Merch by Amazon account.

To do this, first open your Merch Dashboard and select “Upload Design” from the menu on the left side of the screen. Follow the simple steps for uploading your t-shirt design.

You will need to provide some basic information about your shirt, including the size and color options. Once you have finished this process, you are ready to launch your t-shirt! Merch by Amazon makes it easy to start selling shirts on Amazon, so take advantage of this service today.

Keyword Research

As an Amazon seller, you know that keyword research is one of the most important aspects of your business.

If you are not targeting the right keywords, you will not be able to generate sales or traffic to your products. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of keyword research for Merch by Amazon and how you can use it to boost your t-shirt business.

One of the main benefits of using keyword research for Merch by Amazon is that it can help you find profitable niches. By targeting keywords that have a high search volume and low competition, you will be able to rank your products higher in the search results and generate more traffic.

Additionally, keyword research can help you determine what designs are most popular within a certain niche. This information can be used to create designs that are more likely to sell.

Another important benefit of using keyword research for Merch by Amazon is that it can help you identify new trends. By tracking the latest trends and targeting related keywords, you can ensure that your products are always up-to-date and are on the first page with the latest fashion trends. This will help you attract more buyers and generate more sales.

Finally, keyword research can also help you improve your marketing campaigns. By targeting the right keywords, you can create ads and landing pages that are more likely to convert leads into buyers.

This will help you achieve a higher ROI on your marketing campaigns in the online t shirt business and increase your profits and ranking of the shirt on the first page.

Tools to Use for Merch by Amazon Keyword Research

There are several tools that can be used to find the best keywords for your t-shirt business on Amazon.

Helium-10 (The Best tool for Keyword Research)

It is a wonderful and all-in-one tool for Amazon. It performs different functions like product research, keyword research, SEO, fraud protection, and inventory management.

It is a paid tool but the money you spend on it doesn’t get wasted. It provides some exceptional outcomes that are always very important on Amazon.

It’s the best tool with a very good and responsive customer service. Helium 10 keyword research tool makes it super easy to find long-tail keywords that people search for when looking for your products on Amazon.

How It Works?

Helium 10 allows you to hack Amazon’s search algorithm by automatically pulling all of the relevant keywords for your product. After you enter a keyword, Helium 10 will pull hundreds of long-tail keywords that are relevant to your product and then rank them in order of profitability.

It also provides an option to create private label campaigns that can help you find profitable niches to sell.

There are some very simple steps in bullet points that you can follow to search for the best keywords for your product.

•   The first thing is selecting the suitable and trending niche for your t-shirt design. Let’s say you are running a Print on Demand Business.

•   Now, if you have the log-in detail of the Helium-10, Login to it and select the option of Cerebro from the left side of the menu bar in Helium-10.

•   Now you have to select the top product in your niche on Amazon and copy its ASIN and paste it to the Cerebro search bar.

•   You will find the data of the niche and also top keywords that are being used to search the product by the customers.

The results after adding the ASIN are not only for the keywords. But you will find the competition of the niche, it is ranking, organic ranking, and the other products that were frequently ordered with the product you are researching at.

The above given bullet points will surely help you.

So, it is a powerful tool and what you get is the best and wonderful keywords that will [pop your product during any related search.

They will also help to rank the product on the first page of the amazon search results. So, it is a very simple way to find the keywords and especially LONG TAIL KEYWORDS.

One of the interesting things is that the search also gives the organic rank regarding the organically researched items by the same keyword.

This will give you the best long-tail keyword that will help you to rank your product in higher tiers and get more sales.

What are the benefits of long-tail keywords?

It’s one of my favorite things to use because there are a few times where I logged into Amazon and checked out a product or a t-shirt getting very good sales.

That’s the long tail keyword that are ranking the t-shirt and I never knew that until I started using Helium-10.

So, you came to know how these keywords are searched by using Helium-10 and how long-tail keywords are important to make some very good sales.

Google Keyword Finder

Another great tool for merch by Amazon keyword research is the Google Keyword Planner.

This online marketing tool can help you find thousands of relevant keywords related to your industry. All you have to do is plug in a few details about your business and the keywords that you want to target.

There are some more tools as well such as Ubersuggest is a free and automated keyword suggestion tool that will give you thousands of ideas for your t-shirt business.

You can then use these keywords to create ads and optimize your product listings for Merch by Amazon. 

Product Description

The description doesn’t have to be too crazy. But it must apply to your product, your niche.

The title, what I like to do is to research the keywords for that niche and then give a description according to the competition. Look at their tags and see what they’re (competitors) using and how they got a top seller and stuff like that.

Do not spam any of the listings.

Keep it between. I want to say like 8 to 15 tags. Don’t try to overdo it with the tags you have to make sure it makes sense with your product expanding on any platform is against the rules.

As long as the keywords are related to your niche, it’s not considered keyword spamming. So, if it makes sense for your niche, you can do it.

Pricing and Listing Process

It is very tricky to use the prices that give you more sales. It is better to have some good sales with less profit margin instead of not having the sales at all.

So, this is all up to you, everyone is different. I believe you should test but I do make sales at 55%, pretty much on all products and the stickers, I raise them a little bit.

You can start at 30% if you want 25, whatever you feel like it’s right for yourself, and just tests out. But then when you start to make sales, you can raise it a little bit.

The pricing is very important and it should be based on your competition. I have seen a lot of people charging way too much for t shirt designs that don’t have the demand to go with it.

So, basically, you can do a little research yourself or ask other sellers in the community about what price they charge their products and see how it goes over.

You can also see the price history on Amazon. So you might be able to get some ideas on, “Okay…this product is doing great in the category of this shirt and usually what I do is I make it more prominent or if they go down like for me sometimes I will lower them if I am not getting the sales if I’m not getting any type of traction on the listing I will lower it to see if that gets me better results.

If you are just starting out with this whole thing, there is nothing wrong in under-pricing your products. It is totally fine because you have no reviews at all.

Make sure you go with t shirt designs that the customer would like to buy.

Make sure you are in that price range because when it comes to fashion, fashion is something that is very expensive and sometimes people don’t want to spend all their money on clothes.

Setting your prices

When you sell t-shirts on Amazon, you’ll need to set your prices very carefully for t-shirt designs you upload.

Here are some tips for setting your prices if you want to sell t-shirts on amazon merch. These are the best tips if you want to make an impact in t shirt industry and business on merch by amazon.

1. Compare the prices of other shirts on Amazon. This will give you a sense of what the market rate is for selling t-shirts online.

2. Research the cost of producing your shirt. This will help you to determine how much profit you can make on t-shirt designs you are uploading.

3. Set a price that is fair and reasonable for both you and your customers. You don’t want to set your prices too high or too low. If you fail to do so you will end up selling only a few shirts.

4. Consider how much you want to make per shirt. You’ll need to make sure that your prices cover your costs and leave you with a profit margin for the t-shirt designs you have uploaded.

This is really an important thing in amazon merch.


Advertisement is also a key concern as Amazon has certain rules and regulations about it.

You can use Amazon sponsored ads to make your product popular and visible to the targeted audience. As they target search terms of people, you can select those keywords which are most relevant for your niche and type of products.

So, it will be easier to find the suitable keywords that your audience is looking for. So, selling T-shirts on Amazon can be a lucrative business for you.

Just make sure to take the necessary steps in a proper way and keep yourself updated with further details about the T-shirt business.

How do sponsored ads work on Amazon?

When you add the related keywords and a customer searches the resembled keyword, Amazon just shows the ad on this page. This happens in the exact manual case.

However, when we talk about auto-sponsored ads the algorithms of Amazon make the ads appear on the related searchers.

There are different ways to run both types of ads but the purpose is the same. In manual targeting, you manually target the audiences while in auto-targeting, Amazon targets the customers for you depending upon the search for a particular niche.

Basically, there are two methods to run the ads on Amazon.

1-Auto Sponsored Ads

The purpose of advertising is to get the impressions on the ads and ultimately get sales through them.

If you run an ad and you are not getting impressions, there is no point in running ads. The first thing is that ads are very useful if they are set up in the right way. You will get sales and impressions.

Hence, ads are really important to get sales. Yes, there is a risk factor of spending some money on ads but you are going to get benefits if you are using the ads in a professional and right way. 

How Do I Set Up Sponsored Ads on Amazon?

There are some simple points that you need to know about setting up the ads on Amazon. The more important thing is to know the strategy of advertising.

When you start setting up an ad, it will be really easy to fill out the form and just launch the ad.

There are clear instructions but the strategy and correct approach are what going to benefit you as far as the ads are concerned.

The first thing is to add the campaign name. For this purpose, just add the main keyword or the name of the niche and ASIN. For example, if you are going to advertise a t-shirt with a monkey design, you can add the name of the campaign as Dabbing Monkey B07BKG9ZQX. (Let ASIN=B07BKG9ZQX).

After adding the name, you will just follow the simple instructions, as shown in the video, to fill the columns to complete the form.

The most important thing is bidding strategy. It is what, that is going to decide if the ad will get an impression or not. So, there are some technical things that you should know before launching an ad.

The bidding represents the maximum amount you want to pay per impression. It depends upon the product and its price.

So, sometimes 25 cents are enough per impression but it may vary depending upon the product you are going to advertise. If you’re not getting any impressions, that means you have to increase your bid a little bit right for you to get more impressions.

The goal is to go into a niche and have your bid very, very low. But if you’re not getting any impressions, that means your bid is low.

But then as you start to increase it, let’s say by five cents, let’s say we started at 25 cents and I’m not getting any impressions.

So, we increase it to 30 cents and then we start to get impressions right. So, you have to get impressions before hoping to get sales.

There are three approaches to bidding. But according to my experience up and down is a very good approach.

It does take some more money but it is very good as your bid rate will be increased or decreased depending upon the impressions and you will get sales. But there is a fixed bid as well.

So, it all depends upon you what you are looking for in your t-shirts on amazon merch.

Where do sponsored ads appear on Amazon?

The Amazon sponsored ads are generally displayed by amazon on its home page. They are also displayed in search results and product description pages.

Moreover, Amazon sponsored ads are also displayed on third-party apps and videos outside of Amazon. It depends upon how much you have spent and how well you have managed the ads.

How does Amazon charge for a sponsored display ad?

You don’t have to worry about any scam or extra charges. Amazon only charges you when you get a click. For example, when someone clicks on your ad, you will be charged as CPC (Charge Per Click).

Example of the Amazon ads dashboard/columns

What is an Amazon manual campaign?

In this type of campaign, you can customize the keywords that are targeting your t-shirts. So, what you have to do is, find the appropriate and exact keywords that you think are targeting your niche the most.

How do I manually create a campaign on Amazon?

The steps for exact manual methods are almost the same as in the case of auto-sponsored ads. For example, bidding strategy is the same, budget adding is the same, and addition of campaign name is almost the same.

If you are selling a t-shirt having an illustration of a monkey on it, you just have to add the campaign name as Monkey 345T8X Manual Exact (345T8X=ASIN).

The next step is the backbone of the manual method and this is adding the proper keywords by selecting the manual option.

There are multiple ways of searching the keywords but the first one is market research. If you are a beginner in selling t-shirts and don’t have access to online paid keyword specialist sites like Helium-10, you will have to do proper market research.

The first thing you do is to see what keywords are being used by the related products that are being ranked on the first page. Then use the common keywords and add them to the Keyword section. You also know the keywords by yourself.

So, you are advised to add the keywords that are likely to be searched by the customers.

But if you have access to some paid keyword-finding sites, you can take help from there. But don’t forget to use the competition method.

The bidding strategy is the same as in the case of Auto Sponsored ads.

Social Media Marketing for T-shirt Business

You can also use social media for the marketing of your t-shirt ideas or a t-shirt that you already have uploaded on your t-shirt store or online store.

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, or any social media channel can be really helpful for increasing the number of potential customers for your sold-out t-shirts. It is all up to you which site will work better in increasing your t-shirt sales and help in getting your products to sell, whether it’s Facebook or Twitter.

However, you will get more amazon customers for your own products or merch products with the help of paid traffic.

This strategy is used by the people having best seller rank. You also can go through with the same idea after you upload designs.

Good Review

The first thing that touches the customer’s mind is a good review of your t-shirts in your store.

They always look for a high ranking product because they assume that it must be a better option than others. So, make sure to have good reviews on amazon t-shirts under your belt before your product.

Have proper marketing strategies so that you are aware of all the important things that can come in use in having a good review on your merch account or amazon store. You can also get a good review if you have a lot of options i.e. t-shirt variations.

The Importance of Experience and Following Top Sellers In Selling T- Shirts

If you want to start selling t-shirts, you must have a look at your competition. The t-shirt selling a business is not an easy one because the competition among the t-shirt sellers is really high and most of them are experienced in this field.

So, make sure to study their strategies and marketing plans before creating your own plan for the best sale of your product or working for new t-shirt ideas.

So, gather more and more knowledge about amazon merch and apply different but well researched t-shirt ideas.

Moreover, you can also follow top sellers on online marketplaces like Amazon to get an idea about how they manage things and what type of marketing strategy they use for t-shirts.

You can also ask these questions from them or search related queries on Google to get more details about their success ratio and how it is achieved by following proper rules and regulations given by amazon which we mentioned earlier in the article.

What’s Next?

So, now you can also become a t-shirts seller and earn good money from it. Just follow the steps mentioned in the article and you will be able to easily start your own t-shirt business on Amazon.

All those who are new to this field of earning money from online marketplaces, they must have a look at the post stated above because by following these tips, they can really achieve their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur which is a tough thing but with proper guidance and some hard work, everyone can do it.


There are multiple benefits as an Amazon seller as compared to a retail store. For instance, there is no overhead cost like rent and utilities which means that you can enjoy higher profit margins by selling your products on Amazon. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about hiring an employee because all the work will be done by Amazon.

There is also a built-in customer base which means that you can easily reach out to your customers and provide them with a hassle-free shopping experience.

However, another benefit of selling on Amazon is that it doesn’t take much time to get started as well as the fees are very low when compared to other marketplaces like eBay.

As soon as you sign up for an Amazon account, you can list your products and start selling them without waiting for approval.

Also, there is no hassle of payment processing because all payments are made directly on the Amazon platform.

You also don’t have to worry about inventory management or shipping as that’s taken care of by Amazon.

With all these benefits, it isn’t surprising that so many people are shifting to Amazon for their merch business.

It is easier than ever before to become an Amazon seller and start enjoying the benefits of being a pro in no time.

Joining a course to learn all about the Amazon program or merch program mat prove a very good idea for you.

Merch By Amazon Course

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