Avoid These Mistakes at Redbubble

You might be a designer, an artist, or someone who is just looking for a way to make some extra money. All of these people can benefit from reading this blog post and understanding the common mistakes that happen on Redbubble. This article will help you avoid those mistakes and sell more products.

Uploading Fewer Designs

You are selling your art, it is important to upload as many designs as possible. Even if the design only has one product option (such as a t-shirt), uploading that same design in different colors can help boost sales. You never know which color will be the most popular! The more products for sale, the better chance of making money with Redbubble. If people see that there are less than ten items available, they may not buy anything at all because they don’t think enough time was spent on creating inventory. It might seem like adding another shirt would take up space but every single item helps increase your chances of selling something so add more rather than less.

It is the most common mistake. If you want to get a sale, you have to be noticed and I believe that it is very rare to be noticed among the millions other with just 1o designs. What I recommend is that upload at least 100 designs. People normally get their first sale when they are close to 100 designs. I will consider someone rather lucky if he gets his first sale in just 20 or 30 designs.

Creating Common Designs

When someone searches for a design on Redbubble, it is common to see some designs that pop up constantly. While these are great designs to have since they will always sell, you should also put some effort into creating new designs too. When designing the same items over and over again becomes more of an afterthought than actual art-making, people notice this lack of care. The quality will be lower because your level of interest has gone down which means fewer sales! Take time with each piece so all products feel like they were made with love instead of being simple enough for mass production.

This is another common mistake. People when starting their business at Redbubble. They just think that I can make designs like Cats, Dogs, Horses, flags. Here starts the problem. You just have to do proper market research before creating a new design. Sometimes we think of a particular design that will do good but in reality, it’s not trending in the market and vice-versa.

So, don’t go with your will. Do proper market research before creating a design.

Uploading Trademark Designs

This is the most dangerous mistake that may not only cause you a lot of loss but also suspend your account. Be very careful, be very careful about the trademarks. If you are creating an idea while doing market research and you have created a design that has trademark issues you are in trouble. I have seen people done this mistake and upload the designs and then after getting the knowledge about trademarks they mend their ways but get suspended for the mistakes they have made at the start regarding trademarks. So, be very careful and check for the trademarks before creating a design.

Lack of Planning in Designs According to Trends

A great way to sell a lot in a short amount of time is understanding what holidays, events, or seasons are coming up and then designing products that coincide with those things. Planning helps keep you from being stuck without any inventory for an entire season which can hurt your sales numbers. Avoid creating designs specifically for these times though! If someone sees the same design on Redbubble at Christmas time as they do in July, it won’t feel special anymore so plan out new pieces but don’t go overboard just because there’s only one week until Valentine’s Day. Have fun with this part of selling since it shouldn’t be stressful if done right.

What people do is, just create designs. It is advised not to create a design before doing market research. Moreover, if you are 2 months away from the Christmas and new year and you haven’t created or planned some new designs for the upcoming events, you are making a mistake. A business is all about planning and making the right decisions at the right time. So here you go, be ready for the new events and try to be the first one with new ideas and designs.

Update the listings

Another common mistake that I have learned from my experience is that people who are new at the place, upload the designs but don’t bother to update the listings. What they pay, loss. I mean if you don’t update the listings, it’s like you haven’t uploaded the designs yet.

Target the Audience

Tagging is one of the most important parts of the product. People will consider it a bit of a scam but that is how it works. If you are tagging your product with the same content and word on your product, you will probably attract minimum traffic. So, the point is, use the relevant tags that people usually search (I believe you may add an example. (Like, while using a design of woman power, we can add the name of famous woman, feminist, feminist power, best woman, wonder woman, etc.

When we make mistakes, it’s not always a bad thing. If you learn from your mistake and take the time to fix them, then these mishaps can be an invaluable learning experience that will help you grow as a person and business owner. This blog post is about some of the most common things people do wrong at Redbubble — but if they’re willing to work on fixing their mistakes, there are so many ways for them to improve! Subscribe to my channel or ask questions in a comment below or watch our video above. I would love for all of us who have made these errors before -or those who want to avoid making any future ones-to share what we’ve learned with each other here on this page.

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