Top Print on Demand Niche Research Ideas (Amazon and Redbubble) #3

 The top 5 trending designs in Print on demand T-shirt business on Amazon and Redbubble are now up! I hope you enjoyed the previous two posts about this topic. In this post, we will be talking about some of the niches that are doing well right now. There is a lot of competition in certain niches, but there are also many opportunities to make money if you know which ones to go after. We’ll also talk about how to find these niche ideas by looking at what’s popular on other sites like Redbubble and Amazon. We’ve already looked at the top 5 trending designs on Amazon and Redbubble in first couple of blogs. Now, let’s again take a look at what prints are selling best in Print on Demand T-shirt business.

What kind of t-shirts sells the most?

 The top niches are mostly dominated by funny t-shirts, but inspirational or “life” related shirts also do well. The most popular designs on Amazon and Redbubble changes with time and seasons. so, this is the reason why we are creating regular blogs and videos on top trending designs of t-shirts.

Watch the video below.

How Do You Find Top Trending Topics on a T-Shirt?

There are many ways to find out which niches and trending topics do well on a t-shirt. The easiest way is by using Google Trends, where you can see the search interest over time for certain terms or phrases relative to the highest point of that metric in history (which also tells us when something was at its peak popularity). If you are a professional seller, you can use Merch Informer which is the best platform for the search of top niches for t-shirt POD business. On this site we can look up top selling products within specific categories; we would then just have to go through each of those listings individually until we found an idea that stood out as being easy enough to start with. If we were to go this route, it would be easier if we used a program like Merch Informer which allows you to quickly sort through data and find your best-selling niches by keywords.

 How do I know the demand for my niche idea?

The BSR of the niche represents its demand in the market. However, you can you can also get to know how many people are searching for your niche every month by using Google Trends or other tools like merch Informer and Amazon Analytics that show monthly search volume data. In conclusion: finding top niches is an art and takes time to master at first but with practice it becomes extremely easy! In this post we spoke about some great ideas which can be used as inspiration by beginner sellers looking into starting out on Merch by Amazon platform.

Here are the top selling and evergreen niches that will give you very good ideas to create such new and unique designs that may do well in the market.

  • Big Sister Niche

This is a very popular niche that has been around for quite some time. It’s also trending right now on many other websites, including Amazon and Redbubble. If you think about it, the design possibilities are endless. Just visit these boards to get ideas for your own designs: As you can see from this example board, there are thousands of cool ideas out there waiting to be created by YOU! But make sure they are unique enough because customers will not buy something they have already seen before… unless it’s really awesome like these ones here. Also remember to select colors that fit well with each other so that all your designs are uniform. You can use different cool sayings about big sister to make the design more powerful.

  • Funny Cat with Gun Niche

This is again a very good design that will equally hit the cat lovers and the people who love funny sayings. This is a very evergreen niche that will give you great sales all year round. This design has a lot of potentials to make money from customers from different niches. In this niche, you will design a cat having a gun. An addition of funny saying or a phrase will be an icing on the cake.

  • Bicycle Stunts Niche

People love to share funny videos on the internet. They especially like when these are about stunts or falling people, so if you can create a design that focuses around this topic it will probably do really well in Print on demand T-shirt business. It is already among the trending designs where a person falling from bicycle is designed on a t-shirt with different funny sayings.

  • DNA Tree Niche

This is a niche that has been trending for the past few months. There are several designs available in this category that are having good sales volume or ranking on Amazon and Redbubble. You can find these kinds of niches on Amazon where people share cool ideas every day. You can add interesting sayings to create a more unique design.

  • Dragon Niche Ideas

This niche is evergreen and has always done well. It will continue to do so in the future as more people develop interest in dragons, especially since they are likely to be featured prominently in “Game of Thrones”. This list can give you some ideas about what keywords work best for this kind of niche. You are advised to take care of the trademark to avoid any suspension due to illegal usage of designs that have registered trademarks.

So, these were some trending and evergreen niche ideas. Keep visiting our blogs and watching our videos to get new ideas for new designs for POD t-shirt business.