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What’s up everyone so in this blog we’re going to talk about, what Amazon Merch Chrome Extensions I Use when I upload.

Three days ago, I passed 80k in royalties, that’s a big thing right there for me. My goal is before my birthday (July 17th) to hit over a hundred thousand dollars in royalties, pretty sure I’m going to do that.

So right here in this blog, we’re going over the tools that I use when I upload to Merch by Amazon. First off, I’m at tier 14k, and I hate uploading. I honestly hate it. I don’t like it and so what do I do to upload? I create high-quality designs. I told myself, “you know what this year RJ, you’re gonna create high-quality designs, where you don’t have to worry about uploading.” That’s what I’ve been focusing on lately. The number of designs that I have uploaded is nine thousand one hundred and three designs, live. Keep in mind a lot of that stuff right there; they’re not ranking as much anymore because of what Amazon has been doing lately. Like the Cyber Monday, the switch of the ace in and then last year, the throttle it’s messed up a lot of my designs. A lot of them that are up and live but not even ranking anymore so messed up the whole account. It’s kind of like I’m starting fresh all over again, but I do have a lot more designs that are making sales that I just uploaded, and they’re new designs, and the sales have been increasing, and I’ve only been focusing a whole lot better.

  1. DS Amazon Quick View

DS Amazon Quick View

The first Chrome extension that I use is DS Amazon Quick View. This software is probably one of the most pretty well-known Chrome extensions when it comes to Merch by Amazon. What the DS Amazon quick view does is like when you’re going through a niche, Best Seller Ranking (BSR) pops-up below the product listing. It gives you some data information that shows you, what’s selling and stuff like that.

Now there are a few things that go into this because some people – actually might upload a shirt and buy it just for a quick sale and it might show BSR low. Whenever the BSR amount is small, it means that the product is selling nicely. When it’s high, it says that things are not gaining any significant amount of sales. This BSR rating is something that you got to pay attention to – as well you got to kind of look at the history of the actual design. How long it’s been uploaded and stuff like that because you’re going to be barely uploading and someone makes a purchase, and when someone makes a purchase, the sales rank will drop pretty low. Look at the listing, see how long it’s been live or some any tool like Merchant Informer. You can type in the shirt of any kind, then it will show you the sales history, or you can use like KEEPA chart, that’s a free tool that you can use. By using KEEPA chart, you can look at the sales. How long it has been live, and it’ll show up and down. It will give you social proof if it’s been live or not. DS Amazon Quick View is one of the best tools out there. It’s free, and I love it. We used it for a long time, nothing wrong to say about it.

     2.  Merch Research – Free

Merch Research (FREE)

The Merch Research software is free. To use this tool, highlight any text keyword, or search phrase and then right-click to view Merch research choices and tap it. Then once you did that, it will show you all the Amazon listings that included the highlighted keyword.

It’s showing all the merch with those keywords in it and filtering out everything else from Amazon. That’s a pretty cool tool by showing all the merch by Amazon shirts that are ranking for those keywords, and that’s one of the ways to do it. Also what I like about this tool right here, say for a phrase or something that you want to search the USPTO website. You right-click the keyword then select USPTO then tap it. That is pretty big right there, and you can see how it kind of pops up anything that has that keyword in it. It’s a cool tool to use if you’re doing research. I use this a lot when I’m searching for a niche and trying to come up with design ideas.

     3. Merch Mastermind Toolkit

Merch Mastermind Toolkit

The Merch Mastermind Toolkit is our next tool. It’s a very nice addition when you are researching products. The moment you click a listing, a box below the product name displays, and it contains valuable pieces of information that might interest you; BSR ranking, and the date that it was first listed on Amazon Merch. It works on most Clothing and Sports & Outdoor style product pages.

People always tend to ask me this, “when you click on a listing, how do you get that little box right under the listing?” It’s the Merch mastermind toolkit, that little box that everybody’s wondering about. It shows your sales rank right away instead of scrolling down. You can also do neat little things with this. If you press shift ctrl + space, it just copied that whole URL so you can share it with your designers or illustrator guy. It allows you to share the listing faster instead of coming up to the address bar, copy the long URL.

Lastly, you can quickly copy all Suggested Manual Keywords from an AMS Campaign by using (Ctrl + Space) hotkey.

     4. Open Multiple URLS

open multiple urls
Open Multiple URLs

It’s a time-efficient tool to upload multiple designs. Instead of copy pasting unique URLs on the browser and opening one tab at a time, this tool lets you do it in an instant.

When I am uploading, for example, I like to open up multiple URLs. Instead of pressing right-click and opening a new tab to upload a design. This tool is one of that software that helps me get through my listings faster because like I said I hate uploading. If I have 20 designs that I have to upload I’ll click Open Multiple URLs icon and paste all the URLs in it and hit open URL. It’s a pretty cool tool that saves a bit more time.

Aside from that, you can also extract URLs from a text.

extract urls from text
Extract URLs from Text

Note! This extension requires the “Tabs” permission in order to open new tabs. The permission appears as “Access your browsing activity” because URLs of tabs are accessible, although this access is only used to set the URL of tabs opened by the extension.

     5. AMZ Suggestion Expander


This tool is a big one, a popular one. AMZ Suggestion Expander. This one is the best tools when you’re doing any listing and doing keyword research. When you’re doing any niche research, you can see what the customer is looking for. This pops-up and gives you a ranking in Amazon search bar. It shows demand and what people are searching for, so that’s big. I can’t say enough about this tool. It’s essential that you have this tool when you’re doing any research. If you’re planning to optimise your listing on Merch by Amazon, this tool is one of the best tools you can use.

This extension works best in the following origin US, CA, MX, UK, DE, FR, IT and ES markets.

     6. PrettyMerch for Merch by Amazon

prettymerch for merch by amazon
PrettyMerch for Merch by Amazon

There’s a paid one, and then there’s a free one. First of all, this will not bring you more sales. A lot of people think, it looks pretty and it’s going to bring me more sales. No, don’t get that idea. The most important thing about this tool is it gives you that good workflow. It organises everything for you; there’s a lot of things that this tool does. When you’re clicking on yesterday’s numbers, it gives you a breakdown over everything. You can go year-to-date view, all-time sales, last seven days, see what shirts selling in the previous month. It shows you all your breakdown of all your numbers in this month it.

You can even click on today and gives you all the breakdown, the top products, the sales, the returns, the royalties and the royalties per product sold and what’s selling the most. I highly recommend this extension. Having this much valuable information that you will need progressing forward. If you guys are barely starting, start with a free version and then work your way up to the paid one but this right here helps me with the workflow and everything.

     7. Keepa


Keepa has been around for a while. When you’re on an actual listing, it shows the data on a listing. Keepa has always been an excellent tool if you’re doing like FBA or something like that it works really well.

     8. Merch Informer

          Coupon Code: MerchKnowledge 15% off

merch informer lister
Merch Informer Lister

It’s a software that helps you get the idea with what’s making sales on merch by Amazon. This tool gives you a better idea with your listings. If you’re uploading to a particular holiday like the St. Patrick’s Day, you want to have all the right keywords and the bullet points. I use the same bullet points for all my products. The titles, I switch up a little bit because you want to get the traffic to that.

If you have to upload multiple designs and are tired and sick of editing colours every moment, or choosing another price, Merch Informer Lister got you covered.

Using the Merch Informer Lister, you’ll have the ability to place colour profiles directly into a hotkey to swiftly select your Merch from Amazon product colours using one key.

Do you want to fill the name, Title, bullet points, and description of Merch by Amazon products? No worries, you are one hotkey away. All Info profiles are stacked and save, ready to be pasted anytime you need it.

     9. Amazon Merch Batcher

amazon merch batcher
Amazon Merch Batcher

Amazon Merch Batcher comes with a free one and a paid one. The one I am using is ten dollars a month, but it’s a cool tool that I got. You got to be careful though with doing this type of stuff. I know because I updated the information with the kids or the youth sizes and if you have a cuss word on the shirt, your account is going to get rejections because of a cuss word on a youth kid shirt. You got to be careful with this.

The following are the functions of each HOTKEYS.

* COPY by clicking to a data area (prices, name, etc.) on a webpage, click on the MR icon at the top of Chrome and click on Save Form.

* PASTE command or CTRL + V. First click into a black-white area on the webpage to utilise this.

* TAB SWITCH to another tab to the right by pressing command or CTRL+ B.

Note: When utilising PASTE or QUICK SUBMIT make sure that you click into a black-white area on the webpage first.

These nine Amazon Merch Chrome extensions are precisely something I have used to accelerate my process of uploading my listings to Amazon. All these have worked wonderfully for me regarding saving time in researching and uploading my merchandise to Amazon. These tools are precisely how I got to what I am today, almost 100 thousand dollars in royalties.

Have you ever got any chrome extensions that you use yourself which you found very valuable in progressing through Merch by Amazon? Please comment down below. Thank you.


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