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how to get out of the lower tiers
How To Get Out Of The Lower Tiers?

This is another question I always get when it comes to Merch By Amazon, how to get out of the lower tiers. Here’s a quick view of the things that I will cover up on this blog. Keeping the price of shirt very low at cost until you have enough product sales to scale your account to the next level. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you don’t have the amount of product sales to tier because that will feel like you’re going backward when you have to delete designs. I’m a big fan designing for trends. I am currently at tier 20k when I am making is video. I do know what I am talking about when it comes to getting out of the lower tiers. So like I said its very important that the products you’re selling on Merch By Amazon at cost until you have double the amount of products sold on the account.

Now let’s get into details, there are several different ways to get out of the lower tiers. One of the ways I’ll show you right here on how to get out of the low tier table and this is probably one of the fastest ways you’ve got out the lower tiers is by,

  • Making Shirts For Friends or Families
making shirts for friends or families
Family-friendly shirt designs

There are several different ways; you can go into like, local Facebook groups and see what people are wanting. You can go to the next city over to me or where I’m from is banning so you can go to Beaumont, and you can make like a city shirt. Post it in the facebook group, and people might buy it. You know what I mean, there are a few different ways birthday shirts for birthday parties. You can talk to somebody and see if they’re anybody wants to buy a birthday shirt, and you can create it for them. Maybe even just like a family reunion, from that, you can create for everybody, and you give them the link where they can buy it, and all of a sudden get multiple sales and it kind of helps you boost.

  • Pricing: Keep The Pricing Low

pricing very low pricing

Another way of getting out fast the lower tiers is through pricing, very low pricing. Very low, but still make them very competitive with the price and as I mean pricing very low, I mean, if you can price that low compared to your competitors, you will get more sales.

That’s just a known fact like, I’ve tested it with my account. I noticed that when I put my prices low, I get more sales within the last seven days. More than when I set my prices high.

Now your main goal is, whatever tier you’re at, let’s say you’re at tier 500. Right, if you’re at tier 500 or let’s say tier 100. Your primary goal is to have 200 sales as fast as possible. You don’t want to worry about any profit at all until you have double the sales of your account. So if you’re at tier 10, you want to have 20 sales, and then if you’re at tier 100, you want to have 200 sales. Because when you start growing and scaling, you start like pumping out designs and stuff like that. You don’t have to worry about having the right amount of sales because from what I’ve tested to as well. Having 80% of the uploads and of course having them the sales for that tier so if you must say, for example, Agra for you to tier up. You have to have a variety of 100 or tier 10. You have to have eight uploads and over ten sales and if you’re at tier 100 you have to have 80 uploads since 80% of the uploads is 80 and then over a hundred sales for you to tier up. This ideas I am sharing with you all is fundamental when you’re in the lower tiers.

Everyone starts out their merch game the same. You start at tier one and then you will gradually move up.

  • Tier 1 = 25 designs
  • Tier 2 = 100 designs
  • Tier 3 = 500 designs
  • Tier 4 = 1000 designs
  • Tier 5 = 2000 designs
  • Tier 6 = 4000 designs
  • Tier 7 = 8000 designs
  • Do Not Worry About Profit

do not worry about profit

The biggest mistake they make. They’re like, “how come I’m not making a profit? ” They’re stuck at a particular tier because they’re just too busy trying to make a profit. They don’t have the sales volume on their account. Once you get that sales volume on your account, you can kind of mess around a little bit going different niches and catch trends. I recommend catching trends at the beginning, but some people say otherwise, that’s just my personal opinion. I think when you start working with trans and stuff like that, the customer has more of that buying instinct. If they see, like a Christmas shirt, they’re going to buy it right away. If they seem like a Valentine’s Day, sure they’re going to buy it right away.

Tier 500 and below do not focus on profit. Don’t worry about the profit right away. The most important thing that you should be worrying about is, getting out of the lower tiers, so you could scale your account to that next level. That is like the most important thing, I’ve been showing a lot of people from the very beginning. I’ve started my Merch journey April 2017 and I just I showed a lot of people how to scatter accounts. I know more than a few people now making over six figures a year only with the merch my Amazon account and they’re just crushing it. This is the same exact way that I’ve shown them to help them grow their account. It’s essential that you guys understand, the mindset that you guys have to understand is when you’re coming into this, you want to focus on like I said, getting out the lower tiers. You don’t want to be stuck. You don’t want to have a hundred designs up, with only 30 sales.

  • Purchase The Shirts Yourself

valentines day tshirt

Valentine’s Day is a probably one of the biggest holidays that’s coming up right now. I had a lot of success last year with Valentine’s Day. Let’s say; you’re at tier 10. I would recommend you design for Valentine’s Day. I would put up ten designs, and I would purchase five of them. I want you guys to understand like once you are buying this shirt the sales rank on that the shirt, it’s going to rank on Amazon. Amazon is going to give it a BSR which will better the chances of a customer buying the actual shirt is good.

Right now, I would recommend if you’re on lower tiers, focus on a few shirts designs that you would make for yourself or make for like a family member. Have a cousin buy a shirt or even you can purchase this shirt so you can get out that lower tier very fast.

The fastest way to get out of the lower tiers is by doing all these. But don’t be in a hurry, focus and you should get out just in time. Remember, keep the prices very low. Do not worry about any profit yet to get into the higher tiers. Make some shirts for some cousins, make sure it’s for like your dad or mom or shirts for a school. Liked your local Facebook groups, there is always someone there that wanted something to be printed for them so made the design for them and then show them the link so everybody would know your Merch by Amazon. If you have any questions or any clarifications comment down below. Thank you!


7 thoughts on “How To Get Out Of The Lower Tiers |Merch By Amazon

  1. Hi Rj,
    Excellent content as always & nice that u r starting the blog too.
    MBA is being so tough for me, i am outsourcing quality graphic designs, designing only for trends and pricing low.
    i am not worried about profits so far, but yeah i am outsourcing and paying for those designs which r no making high number of sales in order to boost my T500, i closed January with 25 sales and almost no profit. what i want to say is, from a business perspective, so far i am just putting money on this and is kind of frustrating sometimes to see that u are not moving forward. i belive Mba is not a game of Luck. what do u suggest?
    also wanted to ask what is your weekly workflow on Mba, do u make research every day and upload or u do a weekly based work like focusing on a niche every week, making different designs and uploading?


    1. Hey Rachid,

      Thanks for commenting you’re the first person to comment on the site. So what I think one of the best things to do is focus on one niche and you want the best designs in there. So with that being said you need to make sure theres demand for it. You want to make sure the 1st page has bsr and if the 2nd page does to thats even better. Focusing on that illustration or design and making sure is detailed. Thats very important.


  2. Hi RJ,

    Awesome website and youtube channel, I watch it all the time. Could you explain in a few sentences how do you find trending topics, but not for holidays, I am talking news. I am not from the US so it is difficult for me to find any, I would just like to understand the process. I stare at the yahoo news often, but I just don’t get it, I mean how do people find there ideas for trends?


    1. So you can use a tool like merch informer and see what niche is hot. Then when you search for it on Amazon and every single shirt listing has a bsr under 100k thats a sign that theres a demand for that saying. Do you get what I am saying?


  3. Hello RJ,

    Brilliant writing. I am on Tire one with all 10 slot filled in. I have 8 design for 8 different niche. Also put 2 design in UK market. I am stuggling with finding a niche with low competition.

    Is there a way to find out what ppl are searching on Amazon I mean key words? I tried merch informer but I think they fetch result from Google not amazon.



  4. Hey Rj

    i read your article it’s Excellent and motivates me to do more in this to get the tire up.

    i am just entering in amazon merch and upload my 9 design but none of the sales yet… I try to focus on design and content for listing both but my none of design show in search why is this.. and what you suggest for me.. to get improve in this…


    1. So you might be doing something wrong with the design and then if you think the design is good. I would run ams ads to it. Start low with AMS ads


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